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All About All Access

With our Diamond and Quilting Clubs, you could choose to receive our regular embroidery releases or our regular quilting releases.

We then added the Platinum Clubs, so members could now receive embroidery designs or quilting designs plus our project releases.

But what if you didn’t want to choose embroidery or quilting?


With All Access, you no longer had to choose! You got every regular release that Anita Goodesign produced within your Club membership year!

But Club members were still not completely satisfied: they had to pay extra for our larger releases,  Premium Plus Collections.

Steve knew he had to do what he could to make our customers happy. So, he journeyed to the happiest place on earth the learn how to overcome this hurdle. While attending this class, Steve learned all about a concept that would change everything for the better:


Plussing is the process of taking an already great product and making it even better by adding more features.

We decided that the best way to show our appreciation for our Club members was the give them everything.


Our All Access members will continue to receive every Full and Mini Collection we release every month during their membership year!

Now our All Access Club members also receive every larger collection that is released during their membership year!

Every Special Edition, Premium, and Premium Plus Collection now is automatically included in your All Access book! This is about 8 extra large collections that our All Access members receive free of charge!

Included with our newly redesigned, magazine-style book, you now receive all of your tutorials in one so they are easily accessible and take up less space! Even the large release tutorials are included – no extra bookshelf needed!


You’ll also find loads of bonus content in your books!

Every month we will include different types of bonus content! This could be anything from information editorials to tutorials covering exciting new techniques or even sneak peek designs from collections that haven’t even been released yet! You can be the first to sew out or next top release before anyone else has even gotten a chance to see it!

When you first sign up for All Access, you’ll receive our exclusive Welcome Kit!

This Welcome kit is available only to Club members and is bursting at the seams with features.

  • Sew Let’s Get Started: A educational book with 18 different quilt blocks as well as a set of sashing blocks, so you can get started quilting with any designs you already own! You will also find 10 Mix and Match quilting design sets and over 300 individual embroidery designs perfectly sized for the included quilt blocks, or you can stitch them on clothing and other projects!
  • Customized CD Binder: Organize your designs in style! Never again will you lose your favorite design, because they will all be properly and beautifully stored in your Anita Goodesign CD binder!
  • Fundamental Curriculum and Catalog: This is more than just your average catalog! This book includes 15 step-by-step tutorials that teach you the basics so you can be on your way to mastering embroidery and quilting as soon as you get it!

With $1400 retail in free gifts, you can assemble your perfect package however you’d like from any of our available collections. You can choose any of our Full, Mini, Special Edition, Premium, or Premium Plus Collections up to that retail value of $1400!


We realize it can seem a little intimidating to choose so many free gifts, so we wanted to make it as simple as possible! That’s why we’ve bundled up some perfect packages for you to choose from to reach that $1400 mark easier!

Our monthly issues got a makeover! Starting with our July 2016 issue, we completely updated the look of our All Access books. Now, instead of receiving two or more books every month we release a larger collection, those releases are included with your single perfect-bound book!

When you first open your beautiful, glossy new book, you’ll find our iconology to explain which techniques are used and an easy-to-understand table of contents.

Next, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each of the collections included with your Club that month. Following this, you’ll get to hop straight in to our sneak peeks! Catch up with everything coming soon and see what we have in the works here on the Creative floor at Anita Goodesign.

Our bonus content comes next. Here we add additional content for our All Access members to peruse, from detailed editorials about Embroidery as Fine Art to step-by-step tutorials for special techniques! This content changes monthly and is always educational!

After our Design Guide and Stabilizer Guide, you’ll dive right in to your collections and tutorials! If a large release came out that month, such as a Premium Plus, it will be featured first. All Full, Minis, and Project Collections will follow.

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