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About Us

Our Mission

At Anita Goodesign, we have a passion for machine embroidery and quilting, and an even bigger passion for sharing our creativity and knowledge with you! We offer a wide range of embroidery, quilting, and project collections for crafters everywhere, from beginning embroiderers to experienced quilters and sewists! We strive to consistently produce not only the best and most original designs, but the most in-depth tutorials and education to top it off.

Our Story

Anita Goodesign can trace our beginnings to 1994 when Founder, Steve Wilson, purchased his first personal computer. One thing led to another and Steve began to teach himself graphic design, then machine embroidery, and then he combined the two when he set his sights on digitizing. This evolution allowed him to go from working with standard, generic embroidery to original, custom-designed works of art!

More than 20 years later and Anita Goodesign is unquestionably the top embroidery design company in the world. With more than 50 full-time employees, we are based in Charlotte and manufacture all of our products here, from conception to completion!

We don't believe in the freelance educator system, so our Event educators all work every day at Anita Goodesign so they can truly understand what our business is all about. This way, each educator is constantly learning and improving their skills so they can make our Embroidery Parties even better than ever! We pride ourselves on having Events and Education that our customers and dealers both enjoy!

For the future, we see Anita Goodesign even bigger than ever! We plan to become even more diverse in our offerings and produce more education than ever before, including events, videos, and even books! We look forward to exploring this future with you!

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