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All About All Access : Anita Goodesign Club Membership

Sewing and embroidery have become quite the expensive hobbies now-a-days and if you are fortunate to find us along the way, you may just save a pretty penny!

Anita Goodesign is a top-notch embroidery company in the industry. How did this happen? We have some of the best talent in Charlotte, North Carolina, working hard every single day to bring you the best embroidery and quilting designs which includes tutorials and how-to videos. We also aim to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied and not breaking the bank. This is where our All Access Club comes in.

June All Access 2022 Moody Plant Pals Train Track Playmat
June All Access 2022
Moody Plant Pals
Train Track Playmat

If you are someone who really enjoys our one-of-a-kind embroidery designs and huge discounts, then you will definitely want to join our All Access club!  Our All Access members receive our newest embroidery, quilting, and project designs every single month at an 80% discount.  Each issue of All Access will also include machine steps to follow along, pictures of project steps, education, tips and tricks, sneak peeks, and tons of project inspiration.


Take a peek at what you’re missing — here’s a sampling of our most recent All Access magazine:

There is one All Access Club that every member receives each month.  We have three different ways for you to choose from to sign up. I’ll break down these 3 options below.

If you are looking to receive our best value, you will find that our top tier full club membership to be the perfect option for you, with a cost of $1400.  There is a reason why this is your best option, and what happens to be our most popular as well. Not only will you receive 12 months of our newest collections including our embroidery, quilting, and in the hoop projects, you will also receive a $1400 digital gift card to use on our website! How exciting is that?! I know what you may be thinking, but Brooke, I’m already getting the whole year of the newest designs, why would I need this? Well, you can now also add some of our previous releases to your library too! Head to our website and shop 18 years worth of designs with that gift card!  Don’t forget our gift card NEVER expires! Save it for a rainy day or use it on collections that are not featured in our All Access magazine! The possibilities are truly endless. We always have amazing products for you to choose from and with a gift card that never expires, you can have a field day!

But wait, there’s more! I know, how could this deal possibly get any better? You will also receive a digital AND physical copy of our All Access magazine! Each month, members receive a beautiful, full-color magazine (mailed or downloaded as a digital interactive PDF, your choice!). What comes along with this amazing product? Fully illustrated tutorials, as well as photos and numbered machine steps for all design collections, released that month. Plus bonus content where you can learn how to tweak your designs and cater them to you or a friend with our Mix and Mashup, DIY with Anita and Coordinating Collections! You may also find exclusive content and designs made specifically for our All Access members.

If you are looking to spend a little less money, but still receive an amazing deal, your second option is our renewal membership offered at $999. With this option you will receive a digital and physical copy of our All Access book each month for one year including all of the collections! The only thing you will not receive with this offer is the $1,400 gift card.

Our 3rd option is our newest one and the price is sure to please. This is our digital only All Access which is offered at $499! You will receive all of the same amazing designs and tutorials along with a PDF of your All Access book emailed to you each month.

We take a lot of time and care planning each month’s All Access to ensure you are getting a wide variety of the very best designs. If you love our collections and purchase them quite frequently, the price can add up fast. Just a few collections in your cart can lead up to $100 plus a month! This is why we have developed our All Access club. We want you to enjoy your membership and hobby without breaking the bank. 

Enjoy All Access today by signing up on our website or calling us at 704-708-9277 ext. 1. You can also email us at if you have any further questions.

Thanks for joining me!


About Brooke Berglund

Hi there! I’m Brooke, your Content Specialist from Anita Goodesign. As we relaunch Anita's Blog, I am sew excited to join you in this journey where our two worlds—embroidery and sewing—collide. Together, we will find new ways to enjoy our passion for embroidery, all while exploring all of the creative avenues this industry has to offer. As someone who is mostly known as your video seamstress, as well as one of the story tellers behind your All Access magazine, I plan to make this blog fun and informative for all! Whether I am behind the computer or in front of the lens, I’ll be with you 100% of the way.

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