Animal Embroidery Designs

Do you want to add playfulness to the bedspread in your child’s nursery? How about some whimsy to the tea towels in your farmhouse kitchen? Animal embroidery designs might do the trick. 

At Anita Goodesign, our Creative Team creates animal embroidery designs that are cute enough for kids’ rooms but also sophisticated enough for adult spaces. Since our high-quality inventory includes everything from pets, to wild animal embroidery designs to zoo animal embroidery designs, you are sure to find the perfect chipmunk or giraffe to complement your aesthetic.   

Zoo Animal Embroidery Designs

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Our zoo animal embroidery designs feature playful lions, cuddly bears, and all critters in between. These characters are perfect for curtains in an elementary school classroom or a quilt in a child’s playroom.

Animal Drawstring Bags

African Safari Quilt

African Animals Embroidery Collection

African Animals

Savanna Sunsets

Floral Safari

Forest Animal Embroidery Design

Quaint cottages just beg for Beatrix Potter-inspired motifs. Our forest animal embroidery designs fit the bill, featuring bunnies in jackets and raccoons in sweaters. Anita Goodesign offers more realistic animal quilt designs as well.  

Nature Woodcuts

Twilight Animals

Animal Cord Holders

Floral Animals

Wild Animal Embroidery Designs

Does your secluded cabin need some extra flair? Consider our wild animal embroidery designs. From a grizzly bear cushion to a turtle shower curtain, the possibilities are endless. 

Negative Space Animals

Wildlife Prisms

Wild Mandalas

Wildlife Reflections

Double Exposure Animals

Popular Animal Machine Embroidery Techniques

Freestanding Lace

While most embroidery patterns are stitched onto fabric, freestanding lace patterns are sewn onto stabilizing paper that dissolves when exposed to water. This leaves you with elegant animal machine embroidery designs that can be made into earrings, Christmas ornaments, and more.

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Trapunto is a technique that uses extra padding to give animal quilt designs a pillowy, raised effect. This technique adds visual and textural interest to your favorite pet quilt designs.  

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Embroidery machines are great for embellishing tea towels and potholders with animal designs, but they do much more than that. In-the-hoop projects like zipper bags, for instance, can be stitched entirely by the machine.

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Your embroidery machine does more than embellish bath towels and comfy sweatshirts. It can also help you bring animal quilt designs and pet quilt designs to life, block by block.

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Animal Machine Embroidery: How to Get Started

Do you want to walk on the wide side but aren’t sure how to buy or download our animal machine embroidery designs? Keep reading for step-by-step instructions. 

How To Place an Order

After perusing our vast inventory of animal embroidery patterns, follow a few simple steps to place an embroidery order

Downloading Designs to a Computer 

Downloading your animal machine embroidery designs is fast and easy. We have compiled detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac

Transfer Design From Computer to Machine 

After transferring your bug animal embroidery designs to a zip drive, simply insert the USB into your embroidery machine. Check out our instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac.  

Tips for Organizing Files 

When your forest animal embroidery designs are mixed in with safari animal embroidery designs, it can be hard to find the pattern you are looking for. To help, we have created a guide to organizing your embroidery files.

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