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Beyond the Machine

Anita Goodesign Headquarters

I wanted to give you all a peek inside the Anita Goodesign and Stephen Wilson Studio Headquarters. I remember when I started my first embroidery company in 1994 I operated out of my basement which was prone to flooding when it rained. The business moved quite a few times over the next 25 years as you could imagine but as of last year, we are in our permanent home. We finally have room for everyone to work comfortably. This first post will showcase the creative floor, customer experience, and showroom.

The creative floor

I wanted to design a creative floor where everyone worked in the same room. Our last facility was more like a traditional office with separate rooms. This facility has a creative space that is two stories tall with over 5,000 square feet of open space. As you can see, the area is no longer open. It is filled with machines and work tables.

Thread, Thread, Thread....

There is a dedication section of the creative floor that houses all of the thread and consumable products like stabilizers. There are thousands of spools of thread that we choose from to embroider our designs.

Work Areas

There are over a dozen separate work areas with cutting tables, work tables, trimming stations and assembly areas.


My office as well as all of the other managers are in 2nd floor offices that were renovated with glass walls.

The customer experience office

The Anita Customer Experience team works in this space. All of the customer support, web team and social media is run from this space.

The Stephen wilson Studio showroom

I have a showroom that showcases all of my artwork and one of a kind pieces.

My workstation

I am often found here working on my art pieces and Anita Goodesign collections. I love the feel of the antique tool cabinet.

There are many more rooms and areas of the headquarters, In a future post, I will showcase the digitizing areas, and common areas as well as more production area photos. If you are ever in Charlotte, NC be sure to schedule a tour, we would love to show you everything. We plan on hosting classes, events, and open houses in the future.

Stephen Wilson


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