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Here at Anita Goodesign, we have been producing the best embroidery designs and education in the industry for over 15 years. We strive to provide our customers with all of the information they need to successfully stitch out and create the beautiful embroidered quilts and projects we produce. If you have ever been to an Anita Goodesign event, you know that they are unlike any other on the market; which is why we are proud to present to you: Anita’s University.

Anita’s University has been mastered by the founder of Anita Goodesign himself, Stephen Wilson, to provide the best education to both new and veteran machine embroidery fans in a fun, hands-on format. This event is comprised of multiple curriculum options that focus on education and are catered to different interests within the industry.

Anita's University: I Can Quilt 201

*AU 101 events are no longer being hosted by dealers.

This curriculum includes top grade education in so many different techniques involving embroidery, quilting and In the Hoop designs. These materials will allow you to dig deeper into these core techniques and take a look at individual methods that Anita Goodesign has made so simple. Techniques included in the embroidery section are satin stitches, puffy foam, fringe embroidery, blanket stitch, mylar appliqué and more! With our quilting, you’ll learn how it’s completed in the hoop, saving you time, money and fabric—you won’t want to create it any other way going forward! Along with that you’ll learn how we make folded fabric, trapunto, confetti appliqué, crazy quilting and more so very easy for you. Use vintage embroidery techniques and create In the Hoop projects such as zippered bags, drawstring bags, ornaments, and more!

Anita's University 102: Embroidery Made Easy II

Our inaugural class in our Anita’s University series, “AU: 101, Embroidery Made Easy”, was such a huge hit that we’re now offering an expanded curriculum called “Anita’s University 102: Embroidery Made Easy II!” If you’re intrigued by blanket stitch applique then you’ll want to see how we’ve modernized the technique while still giving you the heirloom look. Cutwork and freestanding lace are some other popular embroidery techniques that will be included in this class too! Find out how Anita Goodesign saves you time, fabric, and money with our innovative in the hoop quilting techniques. Our In the Hoop projects are also sew fun & easy to stitch! Some of the designs included in the AU: 102 class are zippered bags in the hoop, creating unique cards, and unique kitchen décor. There are sew many designs that our hoop runneth over…yours will too!

Anita's University: I Can Quilt 201


*AU 201 events are no longer being hosted by dealers.

We are proud to introduce the second University class, I Can Quilt 201. In this University class you are going to learn how, through our unique quilting method, Anita Goodesign saves you time, money, and fabric – it’s a win win win! We will show you literally every quilting technique that we currently have, but we won’t stop there. Whether it is time-honored methods such as Trapunto or Crazy Stitch or our unique Radial Quilting, you’ll see how Anita Goodesign has revolutionized in-the-hoop quilting. We’re excited to show you our Quilting 1, 2, 3 method as well. This separates the main elements of your quilt block, which include the background stitching, the frame, and the design that is in the center, and allows you to construct a one-of-a-kind block. You get to choose these main elements so that your project is easily and uniquely yours. What happens once your blocks are stitched out? How does Anita Goodesign finish their quilts? You guessed it, you’re going to learn that as well. Sew much to discover and learn!

Anita's University: Next Level Embroidery 301









*AU 301 events are no longer being hosted by dealers.


We are excited to announce the newest class offering to hit the Anita’s University campus, Next Level Embroidery 301! Whether you have attended our prior 101 or 201 classes from Anita’s University, or if this is your first time joining us, you’ll be amazed at the new things that you will learn! During the 301 class we are going to explore many different embroidery techniques — such as heirloom stitching, free standing lace, and coloring your embroidery project. We’ll take a closer look at unique appliqué methods such as watercolor appliqué, reverse appliqué, ghost stitch appliqué and so many more. Thinking outside the hoop, we’ll visit dimensional designs through button-up embroidery and our reverse trapunto method. This is only the beginning of the education you’ll receive, and we can’t even describe how much fun you’ll have!

Anita's University: Next Level Embroidery 301

Anita Goodesign is thinking inside the hoop with the newest class in our university line up, 501: In the Hoop! In this class you will be learning all about our innovative in the hoop techniques. As the name suggests, all of the projects are made easily in your hoop and create unique, fun, and useful projects. We’ll cover a lot of different in the hoop projects like personalized tags, beautiful sun catchers, and lace jewelry bowls. You’ll see how to make handy luggage tags, cardholders, keychain bags…and sew much more. Make sure you’re in the loop by signing up for 501: In the Hoop now!

Anita's University: Next Level Embroidery 301

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our 501 class, we are continuing our in the hoop education with 502: In the Hoop II! This class will feature fan favorites like door décor, cork coasters, bottle aprons, and more! Attendees will also receive exciting bonus content with exclusive videos, which are only available on the 502 USB. These videos will highlight tips, tools, tricks, techniques, and more!

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