Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Welcome to this week’s holiday gift guide from Anita Goodesign! My name is Gretchen Lindsay and I am the Digital Marketing Manager. Over here at Anita, we’ve been busy gearing up for another holiday season and this year we are excited to offer a new holiday guide each week leading up to Christmas. This week’s gift guide is “For Him!” 

Let’s face it. Shopping for men can be a bear sometimes. But I’ve gone through our fabulous inventory to find the top picks for the special men in your life. I’m confident you’re going to love stitching out these manly, yet endearing, designs.

Dad’s the Man

Anita Goodesign Dad's the Man

Dads are not only fatherly figures, but they can also be our best friend and role model. What better way to show him how much you and the kids care than with a perfectly tailored message? Express your gratitude to that special father, grandfather, step dad or paternal figure in your life with Dad’s the Man.


Sports, Holiday Gift Guide For Him

If the men in your life love sports, our Sports Collection is perfect for them! Whether their game of choice is tennis, baseball, soccer, or any other sport including a ball, this series of designs is sure to look great on anything you choose to stitch them on (we personally recommend a drawstring bag or quilt).

Hunt Club

Anita Goodesign Hunt Club

Have a game hunter in your life? If yes, then Hunt Club is a perfect choice! This collection truly has It all. Ducks, hunting dogs, deer and many other designs that are sure to please. Decorate your country hideaway, woodsy living room, clothing, camping bags and more with dozens of designs we know you will love.

Manly Minis

Holiday Gift Guide For Him, Manly Minis

We wanted to create a collection for men that was subtle and could be worn everyday and the finished product was Manly Minis! We designed an assortment of 50 different designs that are all approximately 1.5” in size. These designs are perfect for golf shirts, dress shirts, ties or any other article of clothing. Best of all they are all only 1 color so they stitch quickly!


Anita Goodesign Lodge

Is the man in your life the adventurous and outdoorsy type? Is his ideal vacation buried deep in the woods with nothing but a tent, fishing pole, and a campfire? Then our Lodge Collection will speak to his outdoorsman soul!


Anita Goodesign Motorcycles

If the dude in your life has the need for speed and loves the sound of a revving motorcycle engine, this is the collection for him!  Our Motorcycles Collection features 10 different motorbikes, all with a different essence. Some of the bikes resemble vintage motorcycles, while others have a more modern look. Each design utilizes appliqués for an added splash of color and texture. Try adding these elements onto fun clothing projects like denim shirts and jackets, leather vests, bags, and more!

The Man Pack

The Man Pack, Gift Guide

Poker, cigars, and relaxing with buddies – the perfect guys night. The Man Pack is a collection filled with designs reminiscent of every guy’s idea of a low key evening. These designs look great stitched out on summer camp shirts – front or back!

Sport Fishing

Holiday Gift Guide


Our favorite thing about this collection is how realistic the designs are. The avid fisherman in your life will be impressed with how lifelike each design looks once it’s stitched out on his favorite fishing shirt and/or gear. The designs from our Sport Fishing Collection also look great stitched out on decorative pillows for your guy’s man cave.

The Great Outdoors

Anita Goodesign The Great Outdoors

Is your man happiest when he’s outside in The Great Outdoors? Then this quilting collection is the perfect gift for him! Each design included will remind him how wonderful Mother Nature is. With camping, wildlife, and fishing designs, he will always be reminded of how amazing The Great Outdoors really is.

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day, Anita Goodesign

The marine lovers and avid fisherman in your life will love this designs from one of our favorite embroidery collections. Bring back fond memories of fishing with dad, a lake trip from your childhood, or even the smell of salt in the ocean air! With 18 different species from salt water to fresh water fish, our Catch of the Day designs will work swimmingly on all kinds of garments or decor items! In 3 sizes each, these fish will look great on vests, sweatshirts, hats, bags, or even framed on their own!

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Him Holiday Gift Guide page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!