Holiday Gift Guide – For Teachers

Hi everyone! My name’s Elise Friedman, and I do the Social Media here at Anita Goodesign. This week’s Holiday Gift Guide, our Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers, is quite near and dear to my heart, as my mother is a 7th and 8th grade English teacher. 

I know that this has been an unprecedented year for everyone but especially our educators. From abruptly adjusting their lesson plans to work on an online platform to remote teaching, this academic year has been nothing shy of abnormal. So this holiday season, let’s show them some love and thank them for all they’ve done! Without further ado, here are my top ten products for teachers:

Back to School* (Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Teacher’s Pick)

holiday gift guide

She’s not a regular teacher, she’s a cool teacher! This online collection is bursting with fun and color. From the arts, to humanities, to math and science (personally least favorite subjects!), every subject is covered. Adorned with little emojis, this collection truly encapsulates the joy of learning!

Learn to Count

Anita Goodesign Learn to Count

Our children are our future, and we want to always make sure that they have the necessary tools in life to be great. When it comes to learning, you must know the fundamentals before you move on to the hard stuff. For this collection, we combined beauty and brains to mold this creative project.


holiday gift guide

This collection includes 12 different professions such as teacher, police officer, dentist and engineer. Each trade includes an assortment of designs associated with each line of work. For example, an apple from the Teacher large design can be stitched separately onto a lunch bag or sweater because it is offered as in individual design.

Class Act Desk Set

Anita Goodesign Class Act Desk Set

This design set consists of four different desk accessories–a desk pad, a mouse pad, a pencil holder, and a paper holder. All four are done in the hoop, with the two holders requiring a bit of machine-sewing for final assembly.


holiday gift guide

Perhaps a bit cliché, but adorable nevertheless, this embroidery collection features 27 different realistic apple designs. This collection took a long time to digitize because every apple was shaded by hand using multiple colors. If you’re stitching out something for an educator in your life, I think this would look just darling on a flag.

Tea Bag Bookmarks* (Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Teacher’s Pick)

Anita Goodesign Tea Bag Bookmarks

We’ve taken the concept of tea bags and turned them into the perfect companion accessory for your next reading session! Each of the 12 designs included in this collection have been digitized to stitch out a main design, which will act to mark the page, as well as securing a string and tag.

Book Pillows

anita goodesign book pillows

Book lovers know the unique feeling of cracking open a brand new book and being transported to a new place. We can get lost in the pages, enjoying every moment. Every moment, that is, until we have someplace to be! Now, not only can you take your book with you, but you can also have a comfortable place to prop yourself up no matter where you go!

Pocket Notebook Covers* (Holiday Gift Guide – Teacher’s Pick)

holiday gift guide

Let your notebook covers be bold and beautiful to show off your personality! With 10 notebook covers to choose from, you can organize and decorate all the binders and notebooks you need. Follow our step by step instructions to find out how to make the perfectly sized cover for a 1 1/2” three ring binder!

Cutesy Cozies

anita goodesign cutesy cozies

Carry your favorite cup around in style with these cute free standing cozies! Each design features a different motif and theme for you to customize with your favorite colors and fabrics! Choose from cozies with adorable animals such as a llama or panda, or make the cozy with the crown to showcase what a true queen (or king) you are!

Early Bird Organizer

anita goodesign early bird organizer

We all know how important it is to stay organized! We have created this collection for those who love quilting, as well as keeping organized. You will love seeing these birds come to life as each block is stitched out. These designs also have unique echo stitches which enhance the angles and curves of the shape of the whimsical birds, flowers, and birdhouses.

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Teachers Holiday Gift Guide page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Welcome to this week’s holiday gift guide from Anita Goodesign! My name is Gretchen Lindsay and I am the Digital Marketing Manager. Over here at Anita, we’ve been busy gearing up for another holiday season and this year we are excited to offer a new holiday guide each week leading up to Christmas. This week’s gift guide is “For Him!” 

Let’s face it. Shopping for men can be a bear sometimes. But I’ve gone through our fabulous inventory to find the top picks for the special men in your life. I’m confident you’re going to love stitching out these manly, yet endearing, designs.

Dad’s the Man

Anita Goodesign Dad's the Man

Dads are not only fatherly figures, but they can also be our best friend and role model. What better way to show him how much you and the kids care than with a perfectly tailored message? Express your gratitude to that special father, grandfather, step dad or paternal figure in your life with Dad’s the Man.


Sports, Holiday Gift Guide For Him

If the men in your life love sports, our Sports Collection is perfect for them! Whether their game of choice is tennis, baseball, soccer, or any other sport including a ball, this series of designs is sure to look great on anything you choose to stitch them on (we personally recommend a drawstring bag or quilt).

Hunt Club

Anita Goodesign Hunt Club

Have a game hunter in your life? If yes, then Hunt Club is a perfect choice! This collection truly has It all. Ducks, hunting dogs, deer and many other designs that are sure to please. Decorate your country hideaway, woodsy living room, clothing, camping bags and more with dozens of designs we know you will love.

Manly Minis

Holiday Gift Guide For Him, Manly Minis

We wanted to create a collection for men that was subtle and could be worn everyday and the finished product was Manly Minis! We designed an assortment of 50 different designs that are all approximately 1.5” in size. These designs are perfect for golf shirts, dress shirts, ties or any other article of clothing. Best of all they are all only 1 color so they stitch quickly!


Anita Goodesign Lodge

Is the man in your life the adventurous and outdoorsy type? Is his ideal vacation buried deep in the woods with nothing but a tent, fishing pole, and a campfire? Then our Lodge Collection will speak to his outdoorsman soul!


Anita Goodesign Motorcycles

If the dude in your life has the need for speed and loves the sound of a revving motorcycle engine, this is the collection for him!  Our Motorcycles Collection features 10 different motorbikes, all with a different essence. Some of the bikes resemble vintage motorcycles, while others have a more modern look. Each design utilizes appliqués for an added splash of color and texture. Try adding these elements onto fun clothing projects like denim shirts and jackets, leather vests, bags, and more!

The Man Pack

The Man Pack, Gift Guide

Poker, cigars, and relaxing with buddies – the perfect guys night. The Man Pack is a collection filled with designs reminiscent of every guy’s idea of a low key evening. These designs look great stitched out on summer camp shirts – front or back!

Sport Fishing

Holiday Gift Guide


Our favorite thing about this collection is how realistic the designs are. The avid fisherman in your life will be impressed with how lifelike each design looks once it’s stitched out on his favorite fishing shirt and/or gear. The designs from our Sport Fishing Collection also look great stitched out on decorative pillows for your guy’s man cave.

The Great Outdoors

Anita Goodesign The Great Outdoors

Is your man happiest when he’s outside in The Great Outdoors? Then this quilting collection is the perfect gift for him! Each design included will remind him how wonderful Mother Nature is. With camping, wildlife, and fishing designs, he will always be reminded of how amazing The Great Outdoors really is.

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day, Anita Goodesign

The marine lovers and avid fisherman in your life will love this designs from one of our favorite embroidery collections. Bring back fond memories of fishing with dad, a lake trip from your childhood, or even the smell of salt in the ocean air! With 18 different species from salt water to fresh water fish, our Catch of the Day designs will work swimmingly on all kinds of garments or decor items! In 3 sizes each, these fish will look great on vests, sweatshirts, hats, bags, or even framed on their own!

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Him Holiday Gift Guide page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

Hello and thank you for reading this week’s gift guide! As the holiday season approaches, we will be sharing a new gift guide each week through Christmas. Before we get started, I want to introduce myself. I am Hadley Webb and I am part of the Marketing team here at Anita Goodesign. This week I am going to go through all the Anita inventory to select the top gifts “For Her!” 

I personally love shopping and I know what a girl likes. Here at Anita we know that shopping is not everyone’s favorite pastime, so I am here to do all of the work for you and help you to find the perfect gifts for all of the special women and girls in your life!

Roaring Twenties

Anita Goodesign Roaring Twenties, Holiday Gift Guide

I am covering all these products in no particular order, however; I am really excited about this first design. When talking about Flappers and the Roaring Twenties there is no age range to purchase this product for. Every woman, no matter the age, can relate to this collection. It’s timeless! This collection takes us back to a time all about class, elegance and beauty, just what us gals want life to be about!

Anita’s Lace

Anita's Lace

Women love lace! This design is a favorite for HER because it can go on ANYTHING! Whether you need to add some flair to your dinner napkins or maybe add to a towel you have. The places you can put this design are endless and are sure to dress up anything you put it on!

Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags, Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas gift tags give regifting a new context. There are so many times we get someone a gift and it sits on their shelves for years or until they have forgotten a gift, then they decide to re-gift. Not with this design. This one can be a gift from you for them to make for someone else, and be able to add that personal touch!

Fashion Clutches

Anita Goodesign Fashion Clutches

No matter the age, a clutch is a closet essential. So what better gift than something that can be personalized and used daily. On top of adding to the closet this Collection also teaches a new technique, that is the zipper technique!

Quilted Greetings

Anita Goodesign Quilted Greetings

I don’t know about you, but cards are one of my favorite parts of gifts. I love saving them and looking back at the cards I’ve received over the years. This is a card that no one will be getting rid of any time soon. Name a better card than one that is created from scratch!? Gifting this to the special Lady or Ladies in your life will give them something to do for someone special in their life.

Candle Wraps

Anita Goodesign Candle Wraps

One of the more practical collections mentioned in this blog is the Candle Wrap collection. This design is great to pair with the home decor in anyone’s house. There are different styles and designs, one for any and all candles!

The Perfect Sewing Room

Anita Goodesign The Perfect Sewing Room

This is a great gift to give someone that you know LOVES to sew and needs to spruce up their sewing area. Think of this as a “sewing starter pack”. This Premium Plus Collection includes different techniques and designs. It is a great gift for those shopping for an Anita lover but isn’t sure what their special lady has or doesn’t have. This Collection includes a little of everything!

Princess Dream House

Anita Goodesign Princess Dream House

This is another design I selected for the younger ladies! Not only is this a thoughtful and fun gift to give but it is a great project to grow your skills. This Princess Dream House is something those little ladies can use for years and always be reminded of who gave it to them!

Mug Rugs & Coffee Wraps

Anita Goodesign Mug Rugs & Coffee Wraps, Holiday Gift Guide

I love this as the last gift because it is so useful! If you know a woman like me who lives on coffee and tea, you must get this collection as their Christmas gift! This collection comes with 10 designs. You can add this Coffee Wrap to your Starbucks coffee or to your home brewed cup. It is a design that will be around as long as you are still drinking your daily coffee!

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Her Holiday Gift Guide page here.

Visit our site and see if you think there is something better for the special woman in your life. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Happy Holidays, everyone!