With the holidays coming up, it’s important to get a solid start on your gift-giving task list. Anita Goodeisgn has your back with some amazing holiday embroidery projects, including cards, gift card holders, ornaments and many other beautiful pieces to trim your home for the holiday season. These projects are all outlined in the linked videos, making it easy for you to see just how easy these beautiful projects can be.

Holiday Card

The Holiday Cards in our Holiday Extravaganza collection gives you a range of options to create a beautiful keepsake for your loved ones. You’ll find great options for quickly and creatively developing the perfect holiday card.

What You Need

Video Key Pointers

Holiday Tissue Box Cover

This Holiday Extravaganza project allows you to pre-embroider your holiday tissue box cover prior to stitching it together. The helpful video makes it easy to understand all the steps involved in putting the tissue box together, making it easy to finish up this beautiful project.

What You Need

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Towel Topper

The Holiday Extravaganza collection includes an amazing assortment of towel toppers. These handy toppers allow you to add a customized touch to your kitchen and bath while bringing out the holiday spirit.

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Quilt Block with Applique

This project in the Holiday Extravaganza collection allows you to create a range of beautiful quilt blocks that can be framed or combined for a lovely holiday quilt that will brighten up your home for this festive season.

What You Need

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3D Zippered Bag

The completely in-the-hoop project from our Holiday Extravaganza collection creates a poinsettia purse that adds a touch of holiday glam for on-the-go travel necessities or just a cute look for holiday parties and gatherings.

What You Need

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Angel Ornament

As part of the Holiday Extravaganza collection, this beautiful heirloom-quality angel ornament has a 3D effect due to the separate wings, making it a fantastic option for your tree. With everything completed in the hoop, all that’s left is passing a ribbon through the loop at the top.

What You Need

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Gift Card Holder

For an easy last-minute option or a gift card holder that helps you give something homemade for that hard-to-shop-for individual, you’ll find great options with the 12 available gift card holders in the Holiday Extravaganza collection.

What You Need

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Lace Ornament Cover

To add antique touches to your tree, these eight lace ornament covers do a wonderful job of bringing the good old days back to life. By stitching four linked panels that bend around your ornaments, you’ll be able to create a beautiful lace-trimmed ornament from our Holiday Extravaganza collection.

What You Need

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Holiday Garland

To add a touch of holiday cheer to doorways, windows, mantles and similar openings, the 15 different designs you can embroider in our Holiday Extravaganza collection make it easy to quickly create a beautiful garland.

What You Need

Video Key Pointers

Stocking Gift Card Holder

For a gift card holder that can be used for many purposes year after year, the eight Stocking Gift Card Holder designs you’ll find in the Holiday Extravaganza collection provide you with amazing options.

What You Need

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Christmas Ornaments

As the holiday season draws closer, our Virtual Showcase Christmas Ornaments collection gives you three adorable, easy-to-complete ornaments to embroider for giveaways to friends or last-minutes guests that you want to make feel special.

What You Need

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Holiday Felt Gift Tag

Our Holiday Felt Gift Tags Project Collection allows you to add a distinctive personal touch to your gifts this year and long into the future. Featuring 20 unique patterns, you can easily finish these in the hoop with felt.

What You Need

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By trying some of these outstanding holiday projects, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday spirit and share it with your loved ones for many years to come. But why stop after the holidays? Our All Access Club provides you with a wide range of benefits, including first looks at new designs, projects and the best possible value for your embroidery dreams. Why not take a look at what’s available and then sign up today?


Sometimes you just can’t find the perfect design or you want to create something unique to the person you’re making it for. When this happens, you may want to create your own design. But how do you go from conceptual artwork to a completed quilt block? In this article, we’ll review several videos we’ve put together to make it easier for you to get through this process.

What You Need for an Art Quilt

Creating a Design Part 1: Drawing the Artwork

Main Takeaways

Art Quilting Video Summary

In this video, Rachel, one of our artists, discusses how Anita Goodesign’s Art Quilt package was designed so that each block could be used as a greeting card that could be opened up to be used as a framed piece or quilt block. 

Rachel starts with a 6×10 inch piece of paper, drawing out the angel with all of the touches, making sure that they translate into embroidery. She then traces the outline with a marker. With a pencil, she draws in the free-motion quilting so that she can erase and start over if needed. She uses the swirls seen in other areas of the design as inspiration.

The design is then scanned into the computer so that she can color it in Photoshop. She creates a duplicate layer, adjusts the contrast, then deletes the layer on the bottom and sets the current layer to multiply. This allows her to add another layer beneath the current layer. She can paint that lower layer with her colors while leaving the outlines on top blank. She then selects swatches that most closely resemble the thread she will choose later.

The color palette is selected, starting with the background color. Rachel uses a brush tool to continue coloring in the design. You can add additional colors to create texture and depth to the piece. Once it’s colored in, it’s time to digitize the design.

Creating a Design Part 2: Digitizing

Main Takeaways

Art Quilt Part 2 Video Summary

In this video, Steve Wilson takes Rachel’s angel design for the art quilt and used specific designs to digitize them. He uses a range of stitches, including satin and fill stitches, along with hand digitizing to get the level of detail found in the design. Using a pen or stylus, he draws in each of the stitches. This gives a lot of artistic appearance to the piece rather than using automated stitching features. With each stitch, it gives the wings a feathered look. 

You can use a contrasting color to complete drawing in the individual stitches if it makes it easier to see. It shows how things are created from scratch, because you essentially draw with thread and create a beautiful design. 

Steve uses a tablet to make the process faster rather than a trackball or mouse. Designs can take a full day to complete. He then brings in all of the colors

He starts with the tacking stitches for the appliques, then the quilting stitches. The quilting stitches have different design elements that work with the embroidery design. Steve completes one color at a time, adding other colors to create depth and dimension. To keep the appearance of sketching, Steve uses a 5 to 7 ply thread. 

Creating a Design Part III: Choosing Colors

Main Takeaways

Art Quilt Part 3 Video Summary

In this video, you’ll learn how to choose thread and fabric colors that come as close to the original artwork as possible. After choosing base fabrics, choose matching thread and contrasting thread so that the fabrics and materials don’t stand out from each other. This allows you to create a hand-painted or hand-sketched look.

Next, you’ll stitch out your design. The video shows the outline stitches being laid down, followed by each applique fabric being put into place and trimmed carefully with scissors. Once you’ve completed your stitching, you’re ready to go on to finish your quilt.

Creating a Design Part IV: Finishing the Quilt

Main Takeaways

Art Quilt Part 4 Video Summary

In this video, you’ll learn how to finish up your quilt block card. After you’ve finished the front, you’ll create the inside in a matching fabric that has a stippling effect. You’ll then add a frame that you can place a picture or handwritten note into. After the outline stitch is done, you can add your main fabric for the inside of the card. You’ll then stitch the outline of the frame and place the fabric pieces for your corners, taping them down to prevent the presser foot from snagging them as it stitches. Once the fabric corners have been stitched down, carefully trim them to remove the excess fabric. 

Next, you’ll fuse the inside and outside together, typically with Wonder Under or double-sided fusible interfacing. You fuse one embroidered piece to one side of the interfacing, peel back the other side of the interfacing and fuse it to the other embroidered piece. Trim your seam allowance to 1/4” to bring it down to card size and allow your binding to only be 1/4”. Your binding fabric should be cut to only 2″ wide due to the narrowness of the binding.

Start your binding at the bottom and then go around, stitching it together at the ends. Pin the binding in place, then stitch it down, leaving space at the beginning and end to stitch the binding together. You’ll stitch to within 1/4” of the corner, then turn the piece and the binding, pinning it down again to continue the binding.

Once you’ve gotten all the way around, tuck the binding around the edges of the piece and pin it in place. You’ll then stitch in the ditch all the way around on the front to secure the binding. With your quilt complete, you can insert a photo or handwritten note into the frame, or you could alternately have stitched a greeting into the piece. You also have the option of adding tabs to the inside to turn it into a wall hanging. 

Access More Creativity & Inspiration 

With these videos at hand, you can quickly and easily create completely customized designs for your projects and quilts. But what if you only want to make a few pieces that are completely yours, or if you’re in a hurry and need to find the perfect artwork for your needs? Our All Access Club Membership gives you easy access to a huge range of designs, as well as first peeks at new designs that are coming out. Sign up today and let your creativity soar!


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A: The digital and physical version of the magazine contain the same information. In fact, the digital version has fun interactive features like videos, and convenient ways to bookmark and skip through the book via clickable icons.

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A: A huge benefit to digital is you can decide when to download the designs, either all at once, one at a time, or not at all until you are ready to start a project. Downloads are unlimited and will never go away! 

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A: Yes, even if you are getting the physical book by mail you will still have the same access to download these files from your account. This means that even if you haven’t picked up your book you can get the same great benefits as the digital members.

Q: Where can I find a list of collections that were previously released in All Access?

A: We have an All Access release list on anitagoodesign.com. First, log in to your account and go to Customer Center. From there, click PDF tutorials and then All Access Release List. You will see the collections listed by date and alphabetically. 

Q: Can I renew early before my current membership expires?

A: Yes! You can renew at any point during your membership and we will start the new membership once your current one ends.


When you’ve finally finished making your completed quilt squares, what’s next on the list? The quilting, of course! In this article, we’ll walk you through all the steps you’ll need to finish your quilt, including assembling the blocks, adding batting and backing, attaching the binding and any finishing touches that are needed to complete your beautiful work of art.

What You Need

Featured Quilting Products

To create our quilt blocks, we’ve combined designs from our Crazy Christmas Quilt Blocks and our Foundations collections. The Crazy Christmas Quilt Blocks are a great way to bust your stash around the holidays, making it an economical option, while the Foundations collection provides you with a range of quilt block shapes, going beyond squares to give you options for rectangles, borders and mitered corners to create a quilt of outstanding embroidered beauty.

Step 1: Sewing Quilt Blocks Together

Main Takeaways

In this video, we review how to sew your quilt blocks together to create the top of the quilt. We start by laying all of our squares out and sewing blocks into rows, starting from top to bottom. Once all the rows are created, we press all the seams open with an iron before sewing the rows together. After the rows are sewn together, we come back and stitch the mitered corners together. The last step is to press everything open with the iron. 

Step 2: Adding Batting and Backing to Your Quilt

Main Takeaways

With the top assembled and the seams pressed open, the next step is to layer our batting and backing. Then, we’ll quilt all of our quilt pieces together. We start by pinning the top of the quilt to the layers of batting and backing so that everything stays in place. Next we “stitch in the ditch” (i.e. stitch in between the seams) to sew all of the layers together. We use a clear monofilament thread for the top of the quilt and a red thread for the bottom to match the red backing. The last step is to trim your batting and backing with a half-inch seam allowance. 

Step 3: Add Binding to the Quilt

Main Takeaways

The last step is to cut and apply our binding to our quilts, which should have a half-inch seam allowance around the perimeter. We cut multiple strips of binding fabric that are two and a half inches wide, giving us about ⅝ inch binding for a thicker border. Then we calculate how long our binding needs to be. Our quilt is 23 inches around each side, so we multiply that by 4 to get 92. Our quilt is 44 inches wide, so we use at least 3 strips to go all the way around the quilt. We seam the 3 strips together on a 45-degree angle to create one continuous binding strip. 

Get More Quilting Tips and Inspiration

Now that you’ve assembled, batted, backed and bound your quilt, you’ve got a beautiful piece of amazing beauty that will be cherished by your family or customers for many years to come. Did you find some great inspiration in adding embroidered blocks and components to your quilt? Anita Goodesign has many other options available, which you can easily use at a lower cost through our All Access Club. Our All Access Club provides you with easy access to a ton of resources to boost your imagination, provide early access to new designs, and so much more!

Creating quilts can take your embroidery to a whole new level, crossing over from embroidering to sewing. However, it can sometimes be complicated, leaving you with questions like “how many quilt blocks do I need?” or “how do I lay out the quilt?” 

Fortunately, Anita Goodesign is closing the gap with our Quilting Essentials collection.

In this video collection, you’ll find everything you need to make the jump from embroidering existing items to  embroidery quilting. You’ll be guided through the process in simple, easy-to-understand steps, with resources provided every step of the way to make the process that much easier. Here’s an in-depth overview of this collection, including everything you’ll need to know to get started with your first quilt.

What You Need for Quilting

About Quilting Essentials 

In this video collection, we use the Quilting Essentials product. It is a comprehensive collection that provides you with everything you need to start making beautiful embroidered quilts with your embroidery machine. It features over 400 embroidery patterns, each of which is provided in four different sizes to fit in hoops from 5×7” to 8×12”. This package allows you to not only use any of the patterns but also teaches you how to use any of our other embroidery designs, including those not in our Mix & Match Quilt Collections. It also includes a 120-page book and access to an instructional video that makes it easy to get the most out of your Quilting Essentials collection from day one.

quilt pattern quilt patternquilt pattern

The blocks in this collection can also be combined with any of the blocks from the Foundations, Jellyroll, Butterflies & Bees and several other patterns very easily. But the fun doesn’t stop with a lot of new quilt blocks. It also allows you to create beautifully embroidered components, including three different squares, two different rectangles, two different triangles and two different mitered corners to make all the parts of your quilt look phenomenal. It also includes free-motion stitches for quilting your batting in open spaces. The book makes it easy to avoid wasting fabric or time in manual quilting, piecing, centering your designs, or trying to puzzle out confusing layouts.

Quilting Essentials 1

Main Takeaways

This helpful video gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your Quilting Essentials collection. To start, you’ll need to print out all of your templates, which makes it really easy to design your quilt. Then cut out all of the template pieces for that size. If you need more template pieces, you can always print a second copy of the template, making it easier to get a solid visual of what the finished quilt will roughly look like.


Quilting Essentials 2

Main Takeaways 

Arrange your template pieces to determine what your quilt will look like and determine its finished size. Start in a corner and built your quilt out from there. If you add transition pieces between blocks, don’t forget to add the small squares between them to keep your quilt spaced nicely. Once you’ve finished laying out your quilt, it’s very important that you count how many of each block you’ll need to embroider so that you end up with sufficient pieces to complete your quilt.

There are many different layouts you can create from the template blocks. Once you’ve printed the template blocks, you can reuse them many times to create additional quilts. This will help you save on printing costs. Try changing the angles of your blocks, such as turning a square to a 45-degree angle to create a diamond shape.

Bear in mind that the embroidery pattern will need to fit within the diamond and may not fit the same size as it had when the block was in the square position, or that you’ll need to rotate the embroidery pattern 45 degrees to make it fit. You’ll then need to add triangles to block out the diamonds to piece everything together. If you want to create more complex quilting squares, you can simply piece together the smaller blocks to make the equivalent area out of contrasting fabrics, such as smaller squares or long rectangles.

Once you’ve decided on your quilt layout, take a quick picture of it for future reference. If you’ve got a smartphone, this is a great option to keep your layout handy for fabric shopping, to check your plan when cutting and embroidering blocks and for similar purposes. The finished layout also shows you the size of the quilt, and you can quickly rearrange the template pieces to make the quilt larger or smaller as needed. Once you’re satisfied, count how many of each piece you’ll need. Remember that for your mitered corners, you’ll need one of each piece in each corner, so that you cut four of one corner and four of the other, not eight of the same piece.

Quilting Essentials 3

Main Takeaways

Next, you’ll cut out your fabric pieces. But before you start that, use Template 3 to make sure you have enough before you start. The template pieces include the 1/2” seam allowance for stitching the blocks together. Simply lay the pieces on the fabric and cut them. If you’re going to add a layer of batting behind each quilt block, you’ll cut this at the same time. Cut out all of your pieces and lay them out so that as you’re working, you’ll have everything exactly where it needs to be. Place all of your embroidery thread within arms’ reach so you can work efficiently once you get started.

Quilting Essentials 4

Main Takeaways

Now we’ll merge the folded quilt block with an embroidery design on your machine. You can oftentimes handle this on your machine instead of having to merge it into your software program, making it a lot easier to get the job done. Go into embroidery edit on your machine interface and open the block. Once you’ve opened the block, select the “Add” button or similar feature and go back to choose the design you want to merge in. Select your file source and choose the design you want to use, merging it onto your block. This process determines the order in which the machine will stitch the design, so make sure to open the quilt block first so the design is on top. The design will automatically center on your machine, so it will be centered on your block as well. Set the merged design and start embroidering!


Quilting Essentials 5

Main Takeaways

To start sewing, hoop two layers of no-show mesh stabilizer together in the hoop as the base for your embroidery designs. Start with a squaring stitch to show the size and position of the block within the hoop.

Quilting Essentials 6

Main Takeaways

Once all your blocks are embroidered, lay all your blocks out in your original layout for easy access. You’ll sew just to the left of the placement stitch lines so that the placement stitches stay hidden when the blocks are opened back up. Start by stitching all of the blocks in a row together, then go to the next row and continue until all of the rows have all of their blocks stitched together, then stitch all of the rows together.

Quilt Size Guide

Of course, as you’re planning your quilt and putting these quilt blocks together, you may be wondering how many blocks you’ll need. That’s one of the reasons we provide you with a great quilt size cheat sheet to figure these issues out. Simply determine the finished size of your blocks on the top, then drop down that column to the correct row for the size of quilt you want to make to find out how many blocks you need to create. 

As you can see, the Quilting Essentials collection provides a lot of value, making it easy to create beautiful quilts without a lot of confusing, contrary directions. But what if you could have it for free? If you sign up for our All Access Club Membership, specifically at the $1400 level, you’ll immediately get a $1400 gift certificate to our site, which makes it easy to pick up the Quilting Essentials collection and many more amazing designs for free, in addition to the many other benefits of membership. Why not take a look today to see if it’s a good fit for you?


With Valentine’s Day coming up and love in the air, hearts are all the rage at Anita Goodesign, and we’ve found a great assortment of heart embroidery designs that will be sure to have your pulse jumping. 

Depending on your interests and stylistic preferences, we’ve come up with a number of different heart embroidery options, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. 

But what can you do with these hearts? Beyond putting them on clothing, tote bags and household linens, you can create beautiful valentines, quilt blocks for those special people in your life, create framed art and stitch awesome patches. Here’s a look at the 12 heart embroidery designs we’ve selected, along with project ideas to help you get your creative juices pumping.

What You’ll Need for Heart Embroidery

Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you have hoops of the appropriate size for the patterns you’re selecting, thread of appropriate colors (metallics look fabulous on some of these patterns), stabilizers that are appropriate to the project you select, fabrics and materials to stitch your designs onto and spare needles, just in case you have one break.

Popular Heart Embroidery Designs


1. Winged Heart

If your heart has wings, this is a great design to consider for teens, artists and free spirits. Working well for hoops 5″ x 7″ up to 9.5″ x 14″, this design has a relatively dense stitch design, making it a great option for patches, midweight jackets, heavier fabrics, hats and canvas tote bags. If you want to stitch this design on lighter fabrics, consider switching up your thread to a lighter-weight option to decrease the heaviness of the stitching, which can impact how your fabric flows on garments.


2. Lotsa Hearts

For adults and those who might like the idea of a heart that isn’t over-the-top romantic, this design provides great options for 6″ x 10″ to 9.5″ x 14″ hoops. Including several different individual patterns in the kit, this design features heart shapes filled with a range of different embroidery motifs, including bunnies, butterflies, sewing tools, seashells, cacti, flowers, pumpkins and, of course, smaller hearts, allowing you to focus on that individual’s specific interests. These hearts look fabulous on totes, quilt blocks or centerpieces, shirts or frame them for a lovely art piece.

3. Heart Belly Pouches

When you’ve got little ones in your life, what’s more fun than spoiling them with precious little gifts that will brighten their day and be passed down to their children someday? These adorable appliqué heart embroidery design options include eight individual designs with beautiful animals featuring a heart-shaped vinyl appliqué insert on the belly to provide a tantalizing peek at the special treat that is hidden inside. This makes them a great option for Valentine’s presents for your little ones, and use heart embroidery hoops from 6″ x 10″ to 9.5″ x 14″.

4. Jacobean Hearts

If you’ve got a flair for history, this heart embroidery design collection of ten patterns provides a great reflection on yesteryear, mimicking the fine embroidery of the Jacobean period. Using hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14” in size and featuring a medium stitch density, this collection looks great on a wide range of projects, from blouses and bags to pillows, table runners, quilts and other home linens. It requires few color changes and stitches up well on medium-density fabrics, making them a great option for home decor and lightweight jackets.

Christmas Flowers & Ornaments Heart in Frame

5. Holiday Hearts

Need to knock out some hearts quickly or create a really special piece for framing? This assortment of ten heart embroidery designs features a low thread density combined with few color changes, which makes them fast and easy to finish for last-minute gifts. However, the low stitch density creates a delicate appearance that also means they’ll look fabulous on fine fabrics, such as velvet, especially if you use metallic thread in the pattern to really make it pop. This pattern requires heart embroidery hoops ranging from 8” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”.

6. Heart Tile Scenes

For a vibrant, detailed heart appliqué embroidery design, this set of patterns is a wonderful option to consider. Each heart includes four colorful blocks that are then stitched together, using the detailed directions to get a perfect fit the very first time. You can then choose to make these pieces into one or a set of pillows, a beautiful quilt or an outstanding jacket back. The hearts include blackwork inside of the colorful border or whitework outside of the colorful heart. Best of all, they can be stitched up in hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”, making it easy to fit a wide range of machines.

7. Dutch Hearts

For a touch of old-world charm, the heart appliqué embroidery design options in this set of five hearts work well for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Inspired by folk art from the 1700s which were often used for marriage or home blessings, these beautiful hearts work up in 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14” hoops and use textured appliqué and vibrant colors to stand out. They work very well simply framed, to create quilt blocks, used in patches, stitched onto lightweight jacket backs or on canvas bags to create a beautiful appearance with a touch of historic charm.

8. Love Knot

If you want a gift that works for more than a single day, this Celtic love knot embroidery will do a wonderful job to stretch from Valentine’s to St. Patrick’s day. The love knot is a traditional symbol of endearment and fits easily into a 4″ by 4″ or larger hoop, making it easy to use with virtually any machine on the market. The smooth stitching works well on a variety of medium to heavyweight fabrics, including felt, canvas, denim, twill and much more, giving you a world of possibilities to explore. Consider adding a colorful thread to dress it up and make the pattern pop.

9. Be Mine, Valentine

This package includes 11 different heart embroidery designs requiring a hoop size of 8” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”. Though the package intends them for pocket pillows, giving you a place in the back to store a special treat or gift, these patterns would also look great as quilt blocks, especially for the pre-teen to a teenage group. They’d also work up well on tote bags. Relatively light stitch densities would make them a good fit for lightweight to middleweight fabrics such as heavy quilter’s cotton, lightweight twills and much more.

10. Hearts ‘n’ Hugs

Another great option for little ones, these heart appliqué embroidery designs deliver plenty of cuteness. Featuring an assortment of animals, each holds a heart with a special message inside. They are easy to create using felt appliqué embroidery. They can be given as they are, or stitched into place on a piece of heavier clothing or a canvas tote. The patterns take two hoopings, with the separate pieces stitched together in the hoop, requiring no further stitching, and uses hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”.

11. Floral Hearts

If you know someone who is a gardener at heart, these floral heart embroidery designs will make an amazing impression. With a relatively lightweight thread count, these delicate designs still pack plenty of color, making them an amazing choice for clothing and household linens, or perhaps a gardener’s apron is in your future? With 20 unique designs in this set, you’re sure to find something to please. They set up easily in 6” x 10” to 8” x 12” hoops to create an amazing gift for your favorite green thumb.


12. Hearts Aplenty

To decorate your home or the home of a loved one for Valentine’s Day, these three projects feature a range of household pieces, including a table centerpiece, four heart-shaped coasters and a wall hanging. The lighter thread density makes it a great option for quilter’s cotton, heavier calicos and similar fabrics, and the pieces work up easily in 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14” size hoops. For a bit more glitz and glamour, consider adding metallic threads to make the designs pop.

Get More Embroidery Designs from Anita Goodesign

If you want to get all of these heart embroidery designs and so much more, you might consider our All Access Club, which provides you with a wide range of designs. You’ll get exclusive project ideas, a full-color print or digital magazine of outstanding designs, exclusive designs, fully-illustrated tutorials to help you get the most out of your machine and time, sneak peeks at upcoming designs that are not yet released and bonus content including more project ideas and embroidery education. 

If you’re ready to take your embroidery to the next level, why not start by taking a look at the All Access Club, which gives you the tools you need to succeed?

With the holidays on the way, we’re all trying to figure out what to gift our friends and family. We all want to give the perfect present that will be loved or used throughout the year and DIY machine embroidery gifts make the task a whole lot easier. (Embroidery is especially great for last-minute holiday gifts!) Anita Goodesign embroidery makes it possible to personalize everything from aprons to backpacks, jackets and more. And, embroidered gifts are personalized and unique, making them much more thoughtful than store-bought items. 

This Christmas, give the ones you love something fun, fashionable and personal to show you care. We’ve created a list of the very best holiday machine embroidery projects for your Christmas list this year. 

Gifts for New Moms

New moms and moms-to-be love gifts for their new babies. The sky’s the limit with adorable holiday embroidery gifts for babies and kids. While you can embroider any blanket, onesie or washcloth in a baby’s nursery, we’ve made a couple of easy suggestions new moms are sure to love. 

Growth Chart Markers

Growth chart markers show where little ones fall on the growth chart at various stages of development. Pick your themes, from woodland creatures to jungle, or “here we grow again” themes. Each marker features a blank space where the date and age can be written with a fabric marker. Growth chart markers are a unique gift that makes the nursery complete.

Framed Images

Little Adventure designs are perfect for nurseries. You can put these designs anywhere, including on blankets and pajamas and little baby t-shirts, but we suggest creating a tastefully framed image to hang on the nursery walls. Simple but powerful, these images create an environment of sweet simplicity in any baby nursery. We suggest choosing a design that matches or aligns with the baby’s nursery theme. This is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be planning the birth of her first child.  

Gifts for Mom

If your mom is difficult to shop for, we’ve got machine embroidery gift suggestions that can help you create something thoughtful and personal. Embroidery turns ordinary fabrics and decor that you know your mom uses or needs into extraordinary, eye-catching pieces. If your mom loves entertaining and cooking for others, check out these gift guide ideas for hostesses.  

Bathroom Decorations

There are lots of examples of ways that you can create bathroom decorations with Anita Goodesign embroidery. Decorate washcloths with  bird buddies design to enhance your mom’s tropical bathroom theme, or decorate her garden-themed bathroom with towels decorated in  butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs.

Looking for something a little more comical or creative? Frame a picture of  outhouses to make your mom’s bathroom walls something interesting to look at. The outhouse collection includes 10 designs and 5 witty sayings.

Christmas Mice

For moms that love to accessorize during the holidays, try decorating a sweater or long sleeve shirt with  Christmas Mice designs. This set of 10 designs are bold, colorful and adorable. Christmas mice also make a perfect decoration for a throw blanket or pillow, which are the perfect accessories to bring out for the holidays.

Gifts for Kids

Whether you’re making a gift for a niece or nephew, or your son or daughter, these DIY machine embroidery gifts for kids are creative and cute.

Butterfly Garland

For the little lady that likes butterflies, this  butterfly garland is lacy and delicate and can be used to decorate any bedroom or party space. You pick the colors to ensure the butterfly garland matches the bedroom or toy room where the garland will be hanging. Butterfly garlands can also be used to decorate lockers, to dress up your little one’s personal space.

Kids Patches

Update kids’ t-shirts, backpacks or sneakers with  kids patches. Kid’s patches can also be gifts by themselves for a kid who would prefer to pick the items of clothing and accessories where their patches are applied. Kids patches come in a range of colors and themes, so you can select the patches that best match the personality and preferences of the child you’re buying for.

Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

Fairy tale finger puppets are wonderful machine embroidery gifts to make for little ones with big imaginations. If you’re shopping for a little one between the ages of 3 and 6, fairy tale finger puppets are truly fitting. Anita Goodesign makes finger puppets in two sizes, one for smaller hands and one for bigger hands, so if you’re shopping for an older child with a taste for the whimsical – finger puppets are it!

Gifts for Dad

You can make a personalized machine embroidery gift for even the pickiest of dads. If your dad is also a grandad, there are even more embroidery gift options for grandparents! We recommend taking into consideration your dad’s favorite activities when trying to decide what gifts to get him.

Embroidered Sports Accessories 

Sports Lace Ornaments - Golf Clubs

Does your dad love to play golf? Basketball? Baseball? Or maybe your dad just loves to watch sports on television? If so,  we recommended embroidered sports designs. Anita Goodesign embroidered sports designs include everything from different ball designs to different sports-related scenes. They’re the perfect decoration for dad’s gym bag, sports jersey, golfing shirt or gym towel. Choose the designs that fit your dad’s preferred sport.

Many Minis

For the dads that wear ties every day, the Anita Goodesign  Manly Minis patches make the perfect decorations for ties and other formal wear. These designs stitch quickly because they’re all only one color. And, the Anita Goodesign Manly Minis designs cover a range of hobbies and occupations so you can find the mini that best fit your dad’s passions and personality.

I Heart Dad

Anita Goodesign Dad's the Man

The Dad’s the Man design is perfect for a pillowcase, shirt, bag, or whatever you think your dad would love. And with 8 types of hearts to choose from, you can personalize this message to your father. Whether your dad is a hunter, handyman, food lover or sports fanatic, you choose the design that means the most for your dad.

Gifts for Brothers or Husbands

DIY machine embroidery gifts make it easy to create something meaningful and useful for a brother or husband. Whatever their passions or hobbies are, you can embroider related accessories, picking designs that match your brother or husband’s personality. For more gift ideas, check out this holiday gift guide for him to help you shop for that man in your life who seems to have everything.

Motorcycle Motif

Anita Goodesign Motorcycles

Does your brother or husband go crazy for the  motorcycle motif? Maybe they’ve got a few motorcycles stashed away in the shed or garage. The Anita Goodesign motorcycle embroidery is sure to be a hit this holiday season. Add motorcycle embroidery to a denim jacket, leather vest, denim shirt, travel bag and more.

Hunting Embroidery

Anita Goodesign Hunt Club

If your brother or husband are always planning their next hunting trip, they’ll no doubt love a hunting-related Christmas gift. The  Anita Goodesign lodge embroidery is just right for people who love the adventure and simplicity of life outdoors. Our hunting design includes campfires, log cabins, canoes and fishing poles. Alternatively, our  hunt club designs include deer, hunting dogs, ducks and designs. Choose the type of hunting your loved one enjoys most. Where should you put these patches? Just about anywhere, from the hunting jacket to your loved one’s camo shirts, on their hunting bag and elsewhere.

Of course, we know that a great many people enjoy the outdoors and hunting, so we’ve got another collection that might suit your loved one. Our  Great Outdoors designs include fishing and wildlife designs that integrate perfectly into a full-sized quilt or a quilted design for your walls. You choose which outdoorsy-theme and the outdoorsy product that’s right for the special man in your life.

The Man Pack Summer Shirt

The Man Pack, Gift Guide

For the retro man in your life that loves colorful shirts, check out our Man Pack summer shirt embroideries. The Man Pack designs come in different styles and flavors, including golf, tiki and gambling themes. Another benefit of this DIY machine embroidery gift is that you can apply it to your husband’s or brother’s favorite brand of shirt.

Fishing Fun

The Fishing Fun designs include 18 different species of fish, from saltwater to freshwater fish. Does your brother or husband have a favorite type of fish to catch? Give them the gift of an embroidered patch, nicely framed and in matted for their office, bedroom or dining room. You can also add the patch to a vest, hat, sweatshirt and more.

Gifts for Sisters or Wifes

Give your sister or wife something truly memorable this holiday season. Our holiday gift guide for her feature embroidery designs for women show that embroidery can be practical as well as beautiful. Some popular embroidery ideas include:

E-Reader Case

The  Anita Goodesign e-reader case comes in three different sizes for three different types of e-readers, including small, medium and large. E-reader cases can be made from a range of soft and attractive fabrics. If your sister or wife is a reader, these embroidery designs can personalize her case while protecting her e-reader at the same time.

Punny Button

Punny buttons are perfect for women with a sense of humor. Punny buttons make great stocking stuffers as well as decorations for a purse. Punny buttons can also be made into patches and also make good gifts for older children. You pick the colors and phrase that’s right for your loved one.

Gifts for Seamstresses

Do you have a friend or family member who’s a seamstress? We’ve got the gifts for your loved one!

Button Pillow

Button pillows are designs cherished by seamstresses because they give them a chance to use their favorite buttons in an attractive and interesting design. You can create the embroidery design, but let your seamstress friend pick the buttons they’d like to use in this clever design.

Quilts on a Clothesline

Quilts on a clothesline is the embroidery design for that quilter in your life who just loves the beauty and elegance of traditional quilt designs. Quilts on a Clothesline include blocks for various traditional quilting patterns.

Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses and Teachers

If you’re shopping for gifts for your favorite co-workers we can help! Give your coworkers the gift of time and organization with the  mini calendar, made by you. This gift makes an appropriate gift for bosses and teachers as well as coworkers. It’s practical, attractive and appropriate for a range of gift recipients. Need some embroidery gift ideas for your favorite teacher? Check out our  holiday gift guide for teachers for more ideas.

Ready for the Holidays? It’s Time to Get Started With DIY Machine Embroidery Gifts!

The holiday machine embroidery projects above are just a taste of the types of gifts you can make for all of the important people in your lives. Embroidered gifts make it really easy to personalize objects that you know friends and loved ones or will use throughout the year. DIY machine embroidery gifts are one of a kind and unique, making them a little extra special. With a range of designs for everyone and all ages and interests, Anita Goodesign can help you find the right Christmas gifts for the people you love.

The Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Gifts

It is Hadley again, here with our Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Gifts. These are our LAST holiday gift ideas for you guys. Don’t be too sad, we have a lot more for you to get excited about in 2021! 

This is the week we have been waiting for all year! It is Christmas week and I know it has been a crazy year so I am sure you have a ton of last minute shopping to do! I am here to help with this. A majority of these projects take 30-90 minutes to make. With crafting times like these, and our DIGITAL download option, you will have these gifts ready well before the 24th! Be sure to send us pictures of your finished products for a chance to be featured on our social media. 

Watercolor Birthstone Charms

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say! They’re not in every girl’s budget though. So here we are with the next best thing. These Watercolor Birthstone Charms give you the option of gifting a birthstone without the price of a real one. What is great about this collection is you can turn the designs into an ornament (to be festive) or a keychain (so they can use it year round). The options for this collection are endless! 

Pet Dog Dispensers

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

It is 2020 and COVID – everyone needs a pet. However, the chore that no one wants as a pet owner is taking out the dog. So we are here with a way to decorate your leash and make taking your dog out look more fashionable. With these Pet Bag Dispensers you will find 10 designs that will do just that!

Dog & Cat Tags

We cannot talk about the puppies without a gift option for our cats too. These Dog & Cat Tags are great for any pet that you have. It is also not the typical name tag we usually give to our pets. This tag is something to add to their typical tag and decorate their collar more to show their personality.

Witty Word Bags

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

I don’t know about you all, but being home more has created a desire to get more organized. With these Witty Word Bags, you can get more organized and in a more personalized way. 

Kawaii Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs are BACK!!! They are also better than ever, thanks to Anita Goodesign and our Creative team’s help! Stay on top of the latest fashion trends with the Kawaii Fanny Packs. I know traveling is at a halt, but it will be back soon and this collection will help you to be prepared for when that happens! 

Animal Cord Holders

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

With more technology coming out everyday, that means more cords to go with them! It is hard to keep things organized if you don’t have these Animal Cord Holders. These collections will help keep your cords from being tangled or to make sure they are put away and organized. 

Tiny Embroidered Pillow

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

This was a collection that had to be added to the group. Mainly because it is so versatile. The collection includes two different hoop sizes and a million different ways to use the design once created! Let us know how you decide to use your Tiny Embroidered Pillow. 

Pocket Animals

Have you learned the zipper bag technique yet? If you have, this is a great collection for you. If you never learned this technique, then what better time? These are adorable Pocket Animals that you can gift to the animal lovers in your life! 

Landscape Coin Purses

With traveling being at a standstill, these Landscape Coin Purses will remind you of all the beautiful views we have to look forward to in 2021! They are perfect for all of the adventurers you still need to buy gifts for! 

Snap Tab Photo Frames

Take your favorite photos with you, wherever you go, with these Snap Tab Photo Frames! 

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide page here.

We hope that you have enjoyed all of our Holiday Gift Guides and that you were able to find a few gifts for those you care about along the way! The Marketing team has loved putting  these blogs together for you and being apart of your Christmas! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at customerexperience@anita-goodesign.com. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!