Children Embroidery Designs

At Anita Goodesign, we create kids and baby embroidery designs that breathe life into bedrooms, nurseries and play spaces. Our high-quality inventory includes everything from ballerinas to cats to dinos. That means you are guaranteed to find children embroidery patterns that spark joy in your child. Create magical memories with our children embroidery designs crafted by our Creative Team.

Kids Quilt Designs

Does your daughter love goats and cows? Does your nephew talk about nothing but astronauts? Surprise the youngsters in your life with unique kids quilt designs. We offer a vast array of children quilt designs with farm and outer space-inspired motifs.

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Animal Adventure Corners & Borders

Racetrack Playmat

Playhouse Dress Up

Chunky Puzzles Cover

Chunky Puzzles

Baby Embroidery Designs

Your bundle of joy deserves the very best. That’s why our Creative Team crafts each baby embroidery design with whimsy and quality in mind. We offer baby patterns that are perfect for blankets and pillows. We also offer patterns for plush toys.  

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Baby 1, 2, 3 Front Cover

Baby 1, 2, 3

Hello, Baby!

Classic Baby (Embroidered Additions)

Quilted Baby Alphabet

Sweet Dreams

Nursery Embroidery Designs

Are you expecting? Feather your nest with nursery embroidery designs. No matter the nursery theme, you’ll find nursery embroidery patterns to match. For a safari feel, sew giraffe curtains and pillowslips. For a woodland ambiance, add whimsical bears to your baby’s blankets. 

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Animal Adventure: Benny Bunny

Bundle of Joy

Learn To: Loop Fringe

Sleepy Babies

Popular Children Machine Embroidery Techniques 

Folded Fabric

Compared to hand-sewing, the folded fabric method makes completing children quilt designs a cinch. This method will save hours, meaning your son can cuddle up in that bear quilt sooner.  

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Aliens may not be real. But when you use the applique method, they will certainly feel real. Instead of stitches, the applique technique uses fabric to fill in parts of your children embroidery design. This adds a three-dimensional quality.   

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Did you know your embroidery machine can create cozy quilts? With some time and patience, you can turn kids quilt designs into blankets that ward off the scariest of monsters.  

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Trapunto is a quilting method that uses two layers of fabric to create a raised effect. This technique adds a funky texture to children quilt designs, bringing embroidered robots and astronauts to life. 

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Children Machine Embroidery: How to Get Started

Do you want to create a turtle-themed classroom using our children embroidery designs but don’t know where to begin? We’ve created a step-by-step children embroidery design guide below.  

How To Place an Order

Once you have selected the perfect kids quilt design, you will need to follow a few easy steps to place an embroidery order

Downloading Designs to a Computer 

Downloading your baby embroidery designs to your computer is quick and easy. We have compiled detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac

Transfer Design From Computer to Machine 

After transferring your nursery embroidery patterns to a zip drive, just insert the USB into your embroidery machine. Check out our instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac.  

Tips for Organizing Files 

Do you spend hours weeding through your children quilt designs? To help, we have created a guide to organizing your embroidery files

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