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Our members experience the very best in embroidery designs, quilting in the hoop, unique project collections, and embroidery education that the industry has to offer.

Each month, members receive a beautiful full-color magazine (printed and mailed or downloadable as a digital book PDF, your choice!) containing fully illustrated tutorials for all design collections released that month, as well as industry insight, exclusive “Coming Soon” sections, deals on past collections, and much more. Through the designs themselves and the magazine, All Access provides everything you need to enjoy your passion. What are you waiting for? Join All Access today!

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Each Month, All Access Members Receive:

Our members experience the very best in embroidery designs, quilting in the hoop, and unique project collections.

Each month, members receive a beautiful, full-color magazine (mailed or downloaded as a digital interactive PDF, your choice!).

Fully illustrated tutorials, as well as photos and numbered machine steps for all design collections, released that month.

Bonus content including exclusive project ideas and embroidery education.

Exclusive “Coming Soon” pages that include our favorite sneak peeks of collections that we’re working on.

Our members often receive exclusive designs created just for current members!

Take a look inside!

Take a peek at what you’re missing — here’s a sampling of our most recent All Access magazine:

“I don’t know how you keep doing it but I continue to be amazed at all the new
ideas and designs that you come up with every month. I am always inspired to
make more new creations.”
Kathy S


$1,400 ALL ACCESS (Best value!)

There is a reason our $1400 annual All Access membership is our most popular! Not only will receive 12 month of our newest collections including our embroidery, quilting, and in the hoop projects, you will also receive a $1400 digital gift card to use on our website. No need to clean your glasses, you read that correctly! You will find all of our collections on Feel free to go on a shopping spree and use your gift card all at once, or pick up a collection here or there. This gift card never expires so the choice is all yours! We love to reward our All Access members with SEW many collections.

$999 Annual

If you love All Access and want the next 12 months of our newest releases in our physical book and without the Gift Card, this is a great option for you.


If you prefer to receive a digital version of our All Access instead of the physical book, this is the annual option for you. You will receive all of the same amazing designs and tutorials along with a PDF of your All Access book. The digital option is emailed to you each month.

HOWEVER YOU JOIN, YOU’LL SAVE UP TO 84% on retail value!

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“I have found that I am more likely to complete a project with All Access because the
instructions are already printed and clearly illustrated in a nice bound book that is
inspirational to read through.”
Sylvia G.

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You can sign up for All Access club at one of our events, through your local dealer, or right here on our site. To enroll now in All Access, simply click above!

If you would like more information on All Access, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 704-708-9277 ext. 1, or by email at

PLEASE NOTE: Gift cards and coupons may not be used on All Access enrollment.

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