Examples of Anita Goodesign cutwork embroidery

Cutwork embroidery is a form of decorative needlework that involves removing portions of background fabric and then, to avoid fraying, reinforcing the pattern’s edges with a variety of stitches. This technique offers a very chic and delicate look, much like lace. 

But if cutwork machine embroidery sounds intimidating, do not worry. At Anita Goodesign, our high-quality inventory of cutwork embroidery patterns offers something for novices and experts alike. From cutwork napkins to cutwork block pillowcases, each pattern is hand-designed by our innovative creative team.

For more information on our cutwork embroidery designs, contact Anita Goodesign online or call us at 704-708-9277. We’ll help you find the pattern that best suits you!

Holiday Cutwork Embroidery Designs

Are you eager to deck the halls this holiday season? If so, we offer dozens of festive cutwork embroidery patterns that are sure to spread the holiday cheer. Liven up your living room with Christmas cutwork medallions or gift your loved one a charming reverse cutwork quilt.

View All Holiday Cutwork Designs

Christmas Reverse Cutwork

Christmas Cutwork

Autumn Cutwork

Autumn Cutwork Medallions

Heirloom Christmas Front Cover

Heirloom Christmas

Home Cutwork Embroidery Designs

Cutwork embroidery adds an elegant flair to any home. Embellish pillows with cutwork letters or add a vintage touch to tablecloths with floral cutwork embroidery patterns. No matter your home’s aesthetic, Anita Goodesign offers cutwork machine embroidery designs to match.

View All Home Cutwork Designs

Heirloom Centerpiece Front Cover

Heirloom Centerpiece

Round Votives

Cutwork Inlays

Butterfly Cutwork

Vintage Cutwork Embroidery Designs

Do you want to create beautiful vintage cutwork embroidery projects? If so, you are in luck. Our expert designers are rolling out bundles of vintage-inspired cutwork machine embroidery patterns. Grab them before they are gone! 

View All Vintage Cutwork Designs

Cutwork Napkins

Floral Cutwork Tea Towels

Cutwork Sachets

Classic Cutwork Blocks

Cutwork Corners

Cutwork Embroidery Technique & Tips

Cutwork is a needlework technique in which areas of the background fabric are cut away. This leaves open “windows,” which are later outlined with thread. Traditionally, cutwork embroidery is used to embellish household items like pillowcases and napkins.

Many beginners shy away from cutwork machine embroidery, assuming that these patterns are too challenging. However, with some guidance, mastering cutwork embroidery is a cinch. Our creative team’s top two tips for cutwork embroidery are:

Start Small: Cutwork embroidery is a popular way to adorn table linens. Though beautiful, we do not suggest that your first cutwork embroidery project be so large. Instead, stick to cutwork medallions and other adornments for smaller home goods like napkins.

Start Simple: Cutwork machine embroidery can be fairly complex and time-consuming. That is why our creative team designed a simple cutwork collection. The ten included patterns can be accomplished in just three easy steps.

At Anita Goodesign, we also suggest beginners practice buttonhole and satin stitches on scrap pieces of fabric. The more familiar you are with these stitches, the easier cutwork embroidery will become.

Cutwork Embroidery FAQs

What is cutwork embroidery?

Cutwork embroidery is a type of delicate needlework. As its name suggests, cutwork is a technique that involves cutting away portions of the background fabric. The edges are then reinforced with stitches. This offers a delicate look similar to lace.

Can you do cutwork embroidery by hand?

Yes, though cutwork embroidery is quicker and easier on an embroidery machine, it can also be done by hand.

What are the different stitches used in cutwork embroidery?

Many different stitches are used in cutwork embroidery. However, the two most popular are satin and buttonhole stitches. A satin stitch is used for filling shapes or adding splashes of color while a buttonhole stitch is used for fine ornamental touches.

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