Anita Education

Here at Anita Goodesign, we focus on creating top-of-line content all while providing the best education the embroidery industry has to offer. If you have ever attended an Anita Goodesign event online or even in-person, you know that they are unlike any other on the market. We strive to provide you with the best education for both new and veteran machine embroidery fans in a fun, hands-on format with our team of Educators right by your side! Our curriculum includes embroidery techniques, quilting, and in-the-hoop designs. Join us as we dive deeper into these core techniques that cover everything from puffy foam and fringe embroidery to mylar appliqué, quilting, and sew much more!

Anita's University

Anita University 102 Embroidery Made Easy II

Anita’s University 102: Embroidery Made Easy II

Anita’s University 201: I Can Quilt

Anita’s University 202: Quilting in the Hoop

Anita’s University 301: Next Level Embroidery

Anita’s University 501: In the Hoop


Fundamental Curriculum

Watch & Stitch

Watch & Stitch May 2022

Watch & Stitch May 2022

Watch & Stitch April 2022

Watch & Stitch March 2022

Anita's Express Learn To:

Learn to Appliqué

Learn to Bargello

Learn to Classic Trapunto

Learn to Mylar Applique Front Cover

Learn to Mylar Appliqué

Learn to Printed Fabric

Learn to Puffy Appliqué

Learn to Quilt in the Hoop

Learn to Raw Edge Applique Front Cover

Learn to Raw Edge Applique

Learn to Reverse Cutwork

Learn to Reverse Trapunto

Learn to Ribbon Appliqué

Learn to Shadow Work

Learn to Tile Scene

Learn to Watercolor Confetti

Learn to Zipper Bags