Free Gifts

We’re giving you the full value of the Club in free gifts!

When you sign up for All Access, you’re in control of your library! With $1400 retail in free gifts, you can assemble your perfect package however you’d like from any of our available collections. You can choose any of our Full, Mini, Special Edition, Premium, or Premium Plus Collections up to that retail value of $1400! We realize it can seem a little intimidating to choose so many free gifts, so we wanted to make it as simple as possible! That’s why we’ve bundled up these perfect packages for you to choose from to reach that $1400 mark easier:

2016 All Access Bundle

 $1100 Retail Value

All Access issues from July 2016 to December 2016!

Everything 123 Bundle

$1010 Retail Value

Anita Goodesign has revolutionized machine embroidery with our proprietary 123 system. Not only do you get a tutorial packed with amazing content you’ll find nowhere else, but because we have broken them into three simple steps these collections save you time, fabric, and the headache of interpreting how far along you may be or have to go.

The 123 system adds ease and is a fun alternative to the old multiple stage embroidery systems that can be unnecessarily complicated. Choosing the 123 bundle gives you every 123 collection that we have ever released including our most popular, Zipper Bags 123, Quilting 123, Christmas 123, Fashion 123 and more. Every one of our 123 collections are extremely versatile and customizable, which makes it sew easy to create something that is uniquely you!