Hand-Stitched Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery is a time-worn practice dating back to as early as 30,000 B.C. For reference, the wheel would not be invented for another 26,500 years, and yet people in present-day China were already making hand-stitched wares.

At Anita Goodesign, we recognize the historical significance of traditional embroidery, but we also want to provide patterns that can easily be produced using an embroidery machine. That is why our creative team has recreated the look of hand-stitched embroidery patterns using a unique digitization process. The result feels classic and homespun, like something your grandmother would make.

For more information on our hand-stitched embroidery designs, contact Anita Goodesign online or call us at 704-708-9277. We’ll help you find the pattern that best suits you!

Floral Hand-Stitched Embroidery Designs

No green thumb is required for Anita Goodesign’s floral hand-stitched embroidery patterns. Our inventory includes hand-stitched quilt designs with butterflies as well as retro kitchen aprons adorned with flowerpots and songbirds.

View All Floral Hand-Stitched Embroidery Designs

The Resilient Thistle

Hand Sown Quilt

Heirloom Flowers

Hand Stitched Bouquet Quilt

Floral Animals

Seasonal Hand-Stitched Embroidery Designs

Dive headfirst into our seasonal collection of hand-stitched embroidery patterns. Our creative team has designed festive tea towels, placemats, and towel scarves that are sure to spread seasonal and holiday cheer.

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Heirloom Christmas Front Cover

Heirloom Christmas – Legacy

Autumn Bounty

Holly Jolly Cards

Anita’s Wonderland

Hand Stitched Christmas

Nature Hand-Stitched Quilt Designs

Cozy up with a nature-inspired hand-stitched quilt design. These garden-inspired patterns feature beautiful dragonflies, budding lilies, and buzzing bees. Anita Goodesign also offers collections of hand-stitched embroidery patterns that look great on tea towels and pillowcases.

View All Nature Hand-Stitched Quilt Designs

Hand Stitched

Flora & Fauna

Snacky Sack

Fundamental Curriculum

Hand Stitched Cork Coasters

What Are the 7 Basic Hand Stitches?

Hand-stitched embroidery patterns incorporate a variety of stitching techniques, some more complicated than others. At Anita Goodesign, we pride ourselves on offering customers the resources they need to create beautiful hand-stitched embroidery projects. With that being said, we have compiled some information on the 7 most fundamental hand stitches.

These stitches include:

  1. Running Stitch: The running stitch is the most basic embroidery stitch. This stitch is created by running the needle in and out of the fabric at even intervals. 
  2. Backstitch: The backstitch is considered the strongest hand stitch because it involves overlapping the individual stitches. 
  3. Satin Stitch: In embroidery, satin stitches consist of a series of flat stitches and are used to cover a section of the background fabric. 
  4. Stem Stitch: This technique creates a thin line of thread that is perfect for tracing and outlining. It is considered one of the easiest stitches for beginners. 
  5. French Knot: The French knot is a decorative stitch used to create small knots or dots on a piece of fabric. 
  6. Lazy Daisy Stitch: This technique allows you to create cute, feminine flowers by sewing a series of loops. 
  7. Woven Wheel Stitch: Do you want to embroider striking roses and floral landscapes? If so, this stitch, which involves weaving the thread in a spiral, might be for you.

Mastering these basic hand stitches requires time and patience. We suggest practicing on scrap pieces of fabric before jumping into a more complicated hand-stitched embroidery project.

Hand-Stitched Embroidery Patterns FAQs

How do I end a hand stitch?

No matter what hand-stitched embroidery project you are tackling, you need to know how to end your stitch. If you are sewing by hand, make a loop in your final stitch and pull your needle through. This should make a knot. The final step is to cut the excess thread.

What is the strongest stitch by hand?

The backstitch is the strongest hand sewing stitch. A backstitch is so strong because the needle goes into the fabric behind the previous stitch.

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