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Holiday Embroidery Designs

Get into the excitement of the season with our wonderful collection of Christmas embroidery designs and holiday embroidery designs. All of our products are created by our in-house design team and are suitable for any embroidery machine. From the latest in Christmas quilt designs, to Christmas stockings, to Christmas card designs, we have something for everyone.

Trending Embroidery Design Collections

Browse our holiday embroidery designs and Christmas embroidery collections.

3D Mother’s Day Cards

Tortilla Warmers

Gnomes For All Seasons

Love Bunnies

Watch & Stitch March 2022


Cursive Christmas

Rustic Snowmen

Hangin’ for the Holidays

Christmas Gnomes

Hodgepodge Christmas


Pocket Hand Warmers

Winter Silhouettes

Anita’s Wonderland

Hand Stitched Design Front Cover

Hand Stitched Winter

Winter Sweater Hoops Front Cover

Winter Sweater Hoops

Holiday Embroidery FAQS

How do I order holiday embroidery designs on the Anita Goodesign website?

After you’ve added your holiday embroidery products to your cart, follow these simple steps to complete your order. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

How do I download my holiday embroidery designs to my computer?

It’s easy to download your holiday embroidery designs. You can follow our detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC anddownloading designs to a Mac.

How do I transfer my holiday embroidery designs from my computer to my machine?

After downloading your holiday embroidery design files to a zip drive, you simply need to insert the USB into your embroidery machine. We have more detailed instructions fordownloading designs to a PC anddownloading designs to a Mac to guide you.

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