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The Holiday Gift Guide For Grandparents

Welcome back to this week’s blog, the Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents! I am Hadley Webb, and I am with the Marketing team here at Anita.

Growing up, one of my fondest memories with my Grandma was going to her house. We always worked on a different quilting or sewing projects while I was over and that was our bonding time! She taught me everything I know about sewing, so this week’s gift guide is very special to me.

I hope that through this gift guide, you are able to not only find a few collections for your grandparents, but also make memories that will last a lifetime through the gift that you choose!  

Pin Cushion

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

The staple piece in any sewing kit is a pin cushion! This was the first item my grandma made me save up for when she began teaching me to Sew. I would have loved to purchase this and create one myself. It is not too late for you to add a personalized Pin Cushion to your sewing room, though!

Keepsake Sack

Recycling is the new thing! With this Keepsake Sack you can stop wasting all of your paper and plastic bags by switching to this reusable one. You can use it to store your All Access magazines or you can use it to carry all of your groceries home in! Either way, this bag is going to help you REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!

Sewing Machine Cover

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)


It is no secret that these machines are not cheap! So we need to make sure they are protected. This machine cover is a great way to ensure you are getting the most life out of your machine and that it is being taken the best care of!

Needlepoint Nativity

A nativity scene for our Holiday Gift Guide is a necessity! What is great about this collection is there are so many different designs and they can all be transformed into ornaments. The possibilities with this collection are endless. You could create a whole Christmas tree nativity scene with Needlepoint Nativity!

Pocket Hand Warmers

There is no reason to accept the cold! With these Pocket Hand Warmers you don’t have to. These hand warmers are not a one time use product like the drug store hand warmers so you can reuse them to stay warm all winter!

Country Pot Holders

We know Grandparents LOVE to cook, so what better gift than this Country Pot Holders collection? This collection includes the most beautiful designs that are not specific to any season so you can use them year around!

Jewelry Bowls

This gift is tailored more towards the grandladies (that’s what I call grandmas). Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend but nowadays ALL jewelry is a girl’s best friend! These Jewelry Bowls are a great addition to any grandparent’s jewelry box and will help them organize while also adding a pop of color!

Chic Travel Accessories

If the grandparents in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they are always on the go! Whether it is to come visit you or go visit a friend, these Travel Accessories will help them get to point A to point B a lot easier!

Toilet Paper Caddy

(Holiday Gift Guide Exclusive – Editor’s Pick)

This is a collection that can be put to use! With the Toilet Paper Caddy, you don’t have to worry about the person receiving this gift, never using it. There is nothing better than gifting something that is practical!

Mylar Christmas Card

I had to add the Mylar Christmas Card to this gift guide. Grandparents are notorious for giving cards for every holiday! They love to add a personal touch and they will read through cards for hours to find one that expresses how they feel perfectly. Well now, they actually will be able to express themselves perfectly, because they will be the ones creating the card from scratch!

I hope these 10 collections have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Grandparents Holiday Gift Guide page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!