Holiday Gift Guide- For Hostess

Holiday Gift Guide – For Hostess

Hello Everyone! It’s Hadley and I’m here to welcome you back to this week’s blog.  All year, but especially during the holidays, everyone is always so thankful for that friend or family member that takes on the burden of hosting. It truly saves the rest of us from the stress of planning. How do we show them our appreciation and thank them for all of their work? In this Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess, we will go through 10 designs that we think are perfect for that! 

Celebration Bottle Aprons- 

*Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Exclusive– Hostess PickAnita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Celebration Bottle Aprons

To kick off the Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess, I want to bring back the Celebration Bottle Aprons. Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine or champagne!? They make every party/gathering more fun. Why stop there? With this adorable bottle apron you can dress up the drink that you are gifting to your host this year. What makes this gift even better is that it is not seasonal. You can add this to your bottle at any time during the year. 


Cuckoo Clock Danglers

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Cuckoo Clock Danglers

This design was selected because it will always be relevant. There isn’t an age group that wouldn’t enjoy having this design on their favorite things! Also, the most important skill to have when planning an event is time management, so this clock seems fitting for your host!

Seasonal Peeking Pot Holders

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Seasonal Peeking Pot Holders

What is the point in hosting if there is no food? Kidding! But really, I have never met a host who didn’t enjoy bragging about how good of a cook they were. It is usually what fuels their excitement to host. So, of course, we loved these Peeking Pot Holders as a gift for our fabulous host! 

Sunbonnet Sue For All Seasons

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess sunbonnet sue seasons

We had to include this Anita favorite in our list of designs for our host! This design follows Sue through all 4 seasons. Making this a great gift for any time of the year and it can even become a gift that you give a different part of with each gathering that your host plans! 

Lotsa Hearts

Lotsa Hearts

Lotsa Hearts is a collection designed that you would think was created for a gift such as this. What better way to show how much we love the work put in by our host than a design full of hearts? What makes these hearts special is that it is they are created through smaller objects. So you can find a heart that describes your host’s interests perfectly! 

Hand Stitched Cork Coasters-

*Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Exclusive – Hostess Pick

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Hand Stitched Cork Coasters

I have never met someone who enjoyed when their guests didn’t use coasters. That being said, our next gift idea is the Hand Stitched Cork Coasters, created to prevent the problem that all hosts hate. This is the situation that hosts dread the most, which is why it was selected as a host favorite! Not only is this a practical gift but it will mean so much coming from someone as a gift.

Napkin Corners & Rings

Napkin Corners & Rings

Here we go with another practical gift for our host! This time we can give them a gift that will help to decorate their dinning room table! It is always so much fun for hosts to be able to decorate the table, especially since a lot of times tables are used as a showcase and for looks, not actually for eating. Giving this as a gift will always keep you in the front of their mind when setting the table! 

Country Pot Holders

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Country Pot Holders

We mentioned the Seasonal Pot Holders Earlier, and here are some more! The farmhouse style has been in for a while now so we could not leave out these Country Pot Holders, great for the host who enjoys their farmhouse style decor!

Apron Faces

*Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Exclusive – Hostess Pick

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Apron Faces

We already discussed how you cannot have a party without food. So why wouldn’t our Apron Faces be a great idea? What makes this design so great is that is also an express design. Which means that this will also make a great last minute gift idea! 

Valet Trays-

*Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Exclusive – Hostess Pick

Anita Goodesign Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess Valet Trays

This collection is a great way to help your host keep their house as organized as possible while hosting their guest! The Valet Tray is also a fun creation for you as well because it has the ability to be mix and matched. That means that you can also include pieces and  customize this based on seasons or holidays!

I hope these 10 collections within our Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess, have given you more direction this holiday season! You can view our For Hostess Holiday Gift Guide page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!