Holiday Gifts You Can Make with Machine Embroidery

With the holidays on the way, we’re all trying to figure out what to gift our friends and family. We all want to give the perfect present that will be loved or used throughout the year and DIY machine embroidery gifts make the task a whole lot easier. (Embroidery is especially great for last-minute holiday gifts!) Anita Goodesign embroidery makes it possible to personalize everything from aprons to backpacks, jackets and more. And, embroidered gifts are personalized and unique, making them much more thoughtful than store-bought items. 

This Christmas, give the ones you love something fun, fashionable and personal to show you care. We’ve created a list of the very best holiday machine embroidery projects for your Christmas list this year. 

Gifts for New Moms

New moms and moms-to-be love gifts for their new babies. The sky’s the limit with adorable holiday embroidery gifts for babies and kids. While you can embroider any blanket, onesie or washcloth in a baby’s nursery, we’ve made a couple of easy suggestions new moms are sure to love. 

Growth Chart Markers

Growth chart markers show where little ones fall on the growth chart at various stages of development. Pick your themes, from woodland creatures to jungle, or “here we grow again” themes. Each marker features a blank space where the date and age can be written with a fabric marker. Growth chart markers are a unique gift that makes the nursery complete.

Framed Images

Little Adventure designs are perfect for nurseries. You can put these designs anywhere, including on blankets and pajamas and little baby t-shirts, but we suggest creating a tastefully framed image to hang on the nursery walls. Simple but powerful, these images create an environment of sweet simplicity in any baby nursery. We suggest choosing a design that matches or aligns with the baby’s nursery theme. This is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be planning the birth of her first child.  

Gifts for Mom

If your mom is difficult to shop for, we’ve got machine embroidery gift suggestions that can help you create something thoughtful and personal. Embroidery turns ordinary fabrics and decor that you know your mom uses or needs into extraordinary, eye-catching pieces. If your mom loves entertaining and cooking for others, check out these gift guide ideas for hostesses.  

Bathroom Decorations

There are lots of examples of ways that you can create bathroom decorations with Anita Goodesign embroidery. Decorate washcloths with  bird buddies design to enhance your mom’s tropical bathroom theme, or decorate her garden-themed bathroom with towels decorated in  butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs.

Looking for something a little more comical or creative? Frame a picture of  outhouses to make your mom’s bathroom walls something interesting to look at. The outhouse collection includes 10 designs and 5 witty sayings.

Christmas Mice

For moms that love to accessorize during the holidays, try decorating a sweater or long sleeve shirt with  Christmas Mice designs. This set of 10 designs are bold, colorful and adorable. Christmas mice also make a perfect decoration for a throw blanket or pillow, which are the perfect accessories to bring out for the holidays.

Gifts for Kids

Whether you’re making a gift for a niece or nephew, or your son or daughter, these DIY machine embroidery gifts for kids are creative and cute.

Butterfly Garland

For the little lady that likes butterflies, this  butterfly garland is lacy and delicate and can be used to decorate any bedroom or party space. You pick the colors to ensure the butterfly garland matches the bedroom or toy room where the garland will be hanging. Butterfly garlands can also be used to decorate lockers, to dress up your little one’s personal space.

Kids Patches

Update kids’ t-shirts, backpacks or sneakers with  kids patches. Kid’s patches can also be gifts by themselves for a kid who would prefer to pick the items of clothing and accessories where their patches are applied. Kids patches come in a range of colors and themes, so you can select the patches that best match the personality and preferences of the child you’re buying for.

Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

Fairy tale finger puppets are wonderful machine embroidery gifts to make for little ones with big imaginations. If you’re shopping for a little one between the ages of 3 and 6, fairy tale finger puppets are truly fitting. Anita Goodesign makes finger puppets in two sizes, one for smaller hands and one for bigger hands, so if you’re shopping for an older child with a taste for the whimsical – finger puppets are it!

Gifts for Dad

You can make a personalized machine embroidery gift for even the pickiest of dads. If your dad is also a grandad, there are even more embroidery gift options for grandparents! We recommend taking into consideration your dad’s favorite activities when trying to decide what gifts to get him.

Embroidered Sports Accessories 

Sports Lace Ornaments - Golf Clubs

Does your dad love to play golf? Basketball? Baseball? Or maybe your dad just loves to watch sports on television? If so,  we recommended embroidered sports designs. Anita Goodesign embroidered sports designs include everything from different ball designs to different sports-related scenes. They’re the perfect decoration for dad’s gym bag, sports jersey, golfing shirt or gym towel. Choose the designs that fit your dad’s preferred sport.

Many Minis

For the dads that wear ties every day, the Anita Goodesign  Manly Minis patches make the perfect decorations for ties and other formal wear. These designs stitch quickly because they’re all only one color. And, the Anita Goodesign Manly Minis designs cover a range of hobbies and occupations so you can find the mini that best fit your dad’s passions and personality.

I Heart Dad

Anita Goodesign Dad's the Man

The Dad’s the Man design is perfect for a pillowcase, shirt, bag, or whatever you think your dad would love. And with 8 types of hearts to choose from, you can personalize this message to your father. Whether your dad is a hunter, handyman, food lover or sports fanatic, you choose the design that means the most for your dad.

Gifts for Brothers or Husbands

DIY machine embroidery gifts make it easy to create something meaningful and useful for a brother or husband. Whatever their passions or hobbies are, you can embroider related accessories, picking designs that match your brother or husband’s personality. For more gift ideas, check out this holiday gift guide for him to help you shop for that man in your life who seems to have everything.

Motorcycle Motif

Anita Goodesign Motorcycles

Does your brother or husband go crazy for the  motorcycle motif? Maybe they’ve got a few motorcycles stashed away in the shed or garage. The Anita Goodesign motorcycle embroidery is sure to be a hit this holiday season. Add motorcycle embroidery to a denim jacket, leather vest, denim shirt, travel bag and more.

Hunting Embroidery

Anita Goodesign Hunt Club

If your brother or husband are always planning their next hunting trip, they’ll no doubt love a hunting-related Christmas gift. The  Anita Goodesign lodge embroidery is just right for people who love the adventure and simplicity of life outdoors. Our hunting design includes campfires, log cabins, canoes and fishing poles. Alternatively, our  hunt club designs include deer, hunting dogs, ducks and designs. Choose the type of hunting your loved one enjoys most. Where should you put these patches? Just about anywhere, from the hunting jacket to your loved one’s camo shirts, on their hunting bag and elsewhere.

Of course, we know that a great many people enjoy the outdoors and hunting, so we’ve got another collection that might suit your loved one. Our  Great Outdoors designs include fishing and wildlife designs that integrate perfectly into a full-sized quilt or a quilted design for your walls. You choose which outdoorsy-theme and the outdoorsy product that’s right for the special man in your life.

The Man Pack Summer Shirt

The Man Pack, Gift Guide

For the retro man in your life that loves colorful shirts, check out our Man Pack summer shirt embroideries. The Man Pack designs come in different styles and flavors, including golf, tiki and gambling themes. Another benefit of this DIY machine embroidery gift is that you can apply it to your husband’s or brother’s favorite brand of shirt.

Fishing Fun

The Fishing Fun designs include 18 different species of fish, from saltwater to freshwater fish. Does your brother or husband have a favorite type of fish to catch? Give them the gift of an embroidered patch, nicely framed and in matted for their office, bedroom or dining room. You can also add the patch to a vest, hat, sweatshirt and more.

Gifts for Sisters or Wifes

Give your sister or wife something truly memorable this holiday season. Our holiday gift guide for her feature embroidery designs for women show that embroidery can be practical as well as beautiful. Some popular embroidery ideas include:

E-Reader Case

The  Anita Goodesign e-reader case comes in three different sizes for three different types of e-readers, including small, medium and large. E-reader cases can be made from a range of soft and attractive fabrics. If your sister or wife is a reader, these embroidery designs can personalize her case while protecting her e-reader at the same time.

Punny Button

Punny buttons are perfect for women with a sense of humor. Punny buttons make great stocking stuffers as well as decorations for a purse. Punny buttons can also be made into patches and also make good gifts for older children. You pick the colors and phrase that’s right for your loved one.

Gifts for Seamstresses

Do you have a friend or family member who’s a seamstress? We’ve got the gifts for your loved one!

Button Pillow

Button pillows are designs cherished by seamstresses because they give them a chance to use their favorite buttons in an attractive and interesting design. You can create the embroidery design, but let your seamstress friend pick the buttons they’d like to use in this clever design.

Quilts on a Clothesline

Quilts on a clothesline is the embroidery design for that quilter in your life who just loves the beauty and elegance of traditional quilt designs. Quilts on a Clothesline include blocks for various traditional quilting patterns.

Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses and Teachers

If you’re shopping for gifts for your favorite co-workers we can help! Give your coworkers the gift of time and organization with the  mini calendar, made by you. This gift makes an appropriate gift for bosses and teachers as well as coworkers. It’s practical, attractive and appropriate for a range of gift recipients. Need some embroidery gift ideas for your favorite teacher? Check out our  holiday gift guide for teachers for more ideas.

Ready for the Holidays? It’s Time to Get Started With DIY Machine Embroidery Gifts!

The holiday machine embroidery projects above are just a taste of the types of gifts you can make for all of the important people in your lives. Embroidered gifts make it really easy to personalize objects that you know friends and loved ones or will use throughout the year. DIY machine embroidery gifts are one of a kind and unique, making them a little extra special. With a range of designs for everyone and all ages and interests, Anita Goodesign can help you find the right Christmas gifts for the people you love.