How to Download Designs From Our Website to Your MAC

How to Download Designs From Our Website to Your MAC

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s blog feature! My name is Lindsey Griffin and I am a part of the Creative Team at Anita Goodesign. Today, I’ll be teaching you how to download designs from our website to your MAC!

I’ve created this easy-to-follow guide on how to download designs from our website to your MAC. This will be a great reference for you so you never have to worry about accessing your designs from Anita Goodesign!

NOTE: You cannot download designs onto a tablet such as an iPad. You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer for this process.

MAC Step 1

downloading on a mac, download designs


Navigate to the ORDER RECIPT page. Click the “DOWNLOADS REMAINING” button to start the download. Your files will be located in a compressed folder with in the DOWNLOADS folder on your computers Finder App.

MAC, Finder Icon

MAC Step 2

Downloads on a MAC, download designs

If your Downloads folder does not automatically open after the download, click on your computer’s FINDER ICON to bring up a window, then click “DOWNLOADS” on the left, as shown. You should now see any items in your Downloads folder, including the .ZIP folder for the collection you purchased and downloaded. DOUBLE CLICK on the .ZIP folder to open and extract the files. Your computer will place them in a folder with the same name in your DOWNLOADS.



NOTE: A .ZIP folder is created when it has many files inside and needs to be compressed smaller for easy sending. In order to see and use the files in the download, we will have to un-zip the compressed file by double clicking on it.

MAC Step 3

MAC Design Files

Inside the collection’s folder you will now see the About Us, Design Files folder, and the full PDF Tutorial and Steps. Click on the “DESIGN FILES” folder to view the sub folders inside for machine file types. Open the folder, and select whichever file format your machine will read. For example, we are using a Brother/Babylock machine, so we use the appropriate folder titled “BROTHER-BABYLOCK-PES”, which contains .PES files.

MAC Step 4


Within the Brother-Babylock-PES folder, there will be all design files in the PES format. When downloading a quilting collection, the letter(s) at the end of each design is an indicator of its size. Reference your collection’s size guide for more specific information on sizing.

MAC Step 5


Once you have chosen the blocks or designs that you want to stitch out, insert a USB stick into your computer.

NOTE: Some home machines will not support large USB sticks, and require a 1 or 2 GB stick. If you have issues with your machine loading the design, try putting them on a USB with a smaller memory.

MAC Step 6

MAC Drag & Drop, download designs

Once you have chosen the design file you want to stitch, select the file/s and DRAG it with your cursor to the USB you inserted into the computer you inserted into the computer, which should appear on the left of the window under “LOCATIONS”. Once you drag the file to the USB, release the file and it will be “dropped,” or copied onto your USB. Be sure to hit the “EJECT” button next to the USB before removing the stick from your computer.



NOTE: Our USB has been titled “MY DESIGNS” to easily locate, but be aware the name of your flash drive will vary.

MAC Step 7


Your design is now ready to stitch out in the hoop! Insert the USB into your machine, locate the USB designs on your machine, and select the design to load it. You are now ready to begin embroidering.

NOTE: If your designs need to be rotated, edited, or altered in any way, do this in the Preview screen before starting the design.

If you want more detailed instructions how to download designs from our website to your MAC, please reference our Download Tutorial.

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