How To Download Designs From Our Website to Your PC

How To Download Designs From Our Website to Your PC

Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsey Griffin. I work at Anita Goodesign as a traveling Educator, as well as part of the Creative Team. Today, let’s talk about how to download designs from our website to your PC.

These instructions are catered to those of you who are operating a Windows computer. If you have purchased designs from our website and want to download them to your Windows/PC computer, please follow along with the next few instructions.

PC Step 1

PC Download Designs

When you place an order online, the designs you purchased will go to your order history associated with your online account. The download will begin at the bottom of your internet browser, showing its download progress. When the folder is finished downloading, CLICK on it. You can also access the file through the downloads folder in your file manager.



TIP: The download is a .ZIP folder, meaning the files are compressed for faster downloading. We will need to uncompress, or unzip, the folder to access the contents.

PC Step 2

download designs from PC

Once you have clicked on the .ZIP folder, it should open up on your screen in its own window. Click the option to “EXTRACT” all the files, which will “unzip” the folder.

PC Step 3

Extract PC Files

A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to extract the files to on your computer. You can now click “EXTRACT” to extract the files into a folder with the name of the collection in your DOWNLOADS folder. Leave the box checked that prompts the files to be shown.



TIP: If you would like to save to a different folder or location where you like to organize designs, simply click “BROWSE” to select a new destination to save on your computer.

PC Step 4

PC downloads, download designs to PC

Now, your screen should pop up with the new folder that the files have been extracted to. Open the collection folder so that its contents are visible. You should see the “DESIGN FILES” folder as well as the About Us and Tutorial and Steps PDFs. DOUBLE CLICK on the “DESIGN FILES” folder to open it.

TIP: If you need to know where the folder has been saved, just look at the folder pathway at the top of the file manager window.

PC Step 5


Now, insert a USB flash drive into your computer to store the designs you want to stitch.

TIP: Some home machines will not support large USB sticks, and require a 1 or 2 GB stick. If you have issues with your machine loading the design, try putting them on a USB with a smaller memory.

PC Step 6

PC Downloads

Once you’ve inserted a USB into the computer, it should appear in the left column of the file manager. Select the file (or multiple files with CTRL + CLICK) and drag it over to the USB in the left column to copy.

TIP: Your USB may appear under a different name!

PC Step 7

PC downloads

RIGHT CLICK on the USB stick in the left column of the file manager and hit EJECT to properly eject the USB. Only remove the USB after your computer indicates it is safe to do so. This will prevent any corruption of the files on the USB.


PC Step 8

PC USB, download designs to PC

You can now insert the USB into your machine and pull up the design(s). Hoop some stabilizer & start stitchin’!

TIP: If your designs need to be rotated, edited, or altered in any way, do this in the Preview screen before starting the design.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to download designs from our website to your PC/Windows, please reference our Download Tutorial.

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