How To Download Designs From Our Website to Your PC

How To Download Designs From Our Website to Your PC

Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsey Griffin. I work at Anita Goodesign as a traveling Educator, as well as part of the Creative Team. Today, let’s talk about how to download designs from our website to your PC.

These instructions are catered to those of you who are operating a Windows computer. If you have purchased designs from our website and want to download them to your Windows/PC computer, please follow along with the next few instructions.

PC Login | Step 1


Log In, PC


To download your designs, open any web browser, like Google Chrome or Safari. Navigate to our website at Once you have found our website, you will need to sign in to your account. To do this, click SIGN IN in the top right corner. This will drop down a box that will ask you to type your username and password into the appropriate boxes. Once finished, Click the LOG IN button.


PC Login | Step 2

Login Instructions, PC

Once you are logged in, you will be granted access to the resources on our Customer Center page. This page contains many great resources and tools to use throughout your machine embroidery experience. To locate your purchased designs, you’ll want to click the CUSTOMER CENTER button along the black bar that runs horizontally across the top of the website. 

PC Login | Step 3

Anita Goodesign Customer Center, PC

In the Customer Center, there are many resources, including Video Tutorials, PDF Tutorials, Order History, and more. Click ORDER HISTORY.


PC Login | Step 4

Anita Goodesign Order History, PC

The Order History page includes your designs organized by the date of when the order was placed. Once you locate the order that contains the designs you wish to download, you can access that order by clicking either the Order Number on the left side of the screen or VIEW, which can be found on the right side.

PC Downloads | Step 1

PC Downloads

Once you have opened the appropriate order, you will click the pink square to the right that lets you know how many downloads you have remaining. Once you click that button, the download will begin to your computer – please only click this button once. You will see the name of the collection along with the progress of your download at the bottom of your internet browser window or it will go directly into your Downloads folder.

PC Downloads | Step 2

PC Downloads, File Manager

To find the Downloads folder, open the application called File Explorer. This is where all your files can be accessed and managed. The Downloads folder will be located somewhere on the left-hand column of folders/file locations. Regardless of where your files are downloaded to, they will be in what is called a .ZIP folder. Double click the .ZIP folder to open and extract the files.

NOTE: A .ZIP folder is created when it has many files inside and needs to be compressed smaller for easy sending. In order to see and use the files in the download, we will have to un-zip the compressed file by double clicking on it, or clicking EXTRACT.

PC Downloads | Step 3

Inside the collection’s folder you will now see the About Us, Design Files folder, and the full PDF Tutorial. The Design Files folder contains the files that you’ll need to save onto your USB in order to stitch them out.

PC Downloads | Step 4


file formats, PC

Once you open this folder, you’ll see the different machine formats. Find and click the folder for your respective machine. For example, we are using a Brother/Babylock machine, so we use the appropriate folder titled “BROTHER-BABYLOCK-PES”, which contains .PES files. Within this folder is a list of all the design files listed by their respective design name. To know which design name coordinates with which design, you can refer to the PDF Tutorial. Your tutorial will also include step-by-step instructions, machine steps & color numbers needed to stitch out your design.

PC Downloads | Step 5


Once you have chosen the design files that you want to stitch out, insert a USB stick into your computer.

NOTE: Some home machines will not support large USB sticks, and require a 1 or 2 GB stick. If you have issues with your machine loading the design, try putting them on a USB with a smaller memory.

PC Downloads | Step 6

PC Downloads

Once you’ve inserted a USB into the computer, it should appear in the left column of the File Explorer application. Once you have located the design file you wish to save to your USB, select the file (or multiple files with CTRL + CLICK) and drag them over to the USB in the left column of the File Explorer application to copy them onto your USB. Be sure to hit the EJECT button next to the USB before removing the stick from your computer.

NOTE: We purposefully renamed our USB to “MY DESIGNS” to easily locate, but be aware the name of your flash drive will vary. If you want to rename your USB, just right click on its current name, select RENAME, and type your preferred name.

PC Downloads | Step 7


Your design is now ready to stitch out! Insert the USB into your embroidery machine, locate the USB designs on your embroidery machine, and select the design to load it. You are now ready to begin embroidering. Make sure you read through the tutorial for the respective collection before beginning!

If you need more detailed instructions on how to download designs from our website to your PC/Windows, please reference our Download Tutorial.

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