How to Shop the Website

How to Shop the Website

Hi Everyone! My name is Annie Doar. Before we discuss how to shop the website, let me tell you a little more about myself. I work at Anita Goodesign as part of the Creative Team. In the office, I can be found stitching out designs, snapping step by step pictures, and writing some of the tutorials and content found in our monthly All Access issues! I can’t wait to show you guys more ways to create and have fun with machine embroidery!

It’s time to learn how to shop the website. Have you ever been on our website and not known how to find the exact design you’re looking for? Or maybe you want to find an assortment of designs that feature only the quilting technique, or just standard embroidery? Read through this post and we’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect collection for your needs and also satisfy that online shopping itch that I’m sure you have!

Of course, the first step you need to take to begin your shopping spree on our website is to log on to When you’re looking at the website from your PC, here’s what our homepage looks like:

anita goodesign homepage

If you’re on the website on your mobile phone, the web pages will look slightly different. From this page, you can navigate to multiple places on the website. You can take a look at the latest releases featured in the right hand column, or you can see special releases or sales that we are currently having. To shop around on our website, click the box on the top black navigation bar that says “SHOP” and is highlighted pink. This will take you to a wonderland where you can find all of our releases!



Once you get to the main Shop page, you’ll find several categories that you can start browsing through such as Last Month’s Releases and This Month’s Releases. If you’re casually shopping, this is a great place to start and see if you missed something that might have been released last month!

how to the website, shop page

If you’re already an All Access member, you don’t have to worry about the chance of missing anything last month, but you might have missed something that was released while you weren’t a member! If this is the case, or you’re just shopping for the perfect collection to decorate something using a specific theme, then you should get to know our handy filters shown on the left side of the page!

how to shop the website, filters

Take a look at some of the things that you can filter using the different drop down boxes. You can filter the products listed on the shop page by category, technique, product line, or even hoop size! Hunting for a summer themed collection, but not sure where to start? Just click and scroll in the “Category” box and click “summer,” then any collection that has anything to do with summer will appear on your screen! The same steps apply to the rest of the drop down boxes.

how to shop the website, filter categories

To filter the collections by technique, just click the “Techniques” box, then scroll until you find the technique that strikes your fancy! You can filter by any technique that we’ve ever covered in our designs. If you’re a quilter through and through, then just click quilting to see every quilting collection we’ve ever released. Or try your luck with a technique that you’ve never attempted before! There might be a technique you’ve never even heard of before. Test out the fun confetti technique and have a party while you stitch! With so many designs to hunt for, you’ll definitely find something that speaks to you and your creativity.

how to shop the website, filter techniques

The Product Line box is best to shop through collections that are grouped together by the product lines they were released in. Tap the “Anita’s Playhouse Collection” to see all of the Playhouse designs that are the best match if you’re hunting for something to make for your little ones! Or maybe you want to take a look at a few of our large releases? You can filter the collections by Special Edition, Premium, or Premium Plus too! Isn’t learning how to shop the website fun?

how to shop the website, filter product line

One very useful filter is the Hoop size box. At University events, I’m often asked about what designs use certain hoop sizes. Depending on what type of embroidery machine you have, you may be limited to certain hoop sizes, and finding the perfect designs for that hoop size might seem like a challenge. If you use the Hoop Size filter in the shop, the task of finding the exact size you need won’t seem so daunting anymore! Just click the size the correlates to your hoop and start browsing!

how to shop the website, filter hoop sizeOnce you’ve mastered the filter boxes individually, did you know that you could combine them? Say I want to find an autumn themed quilting collection, that features designs that will fit my 6×10 hoop. Can it be done? Of course it can! Just click all of the criteria in the filters, such as the  “Autumn” category, the “Quilting” technique, and the “C (6×10)” hoop size, and you’ve got a list of 23 collections to sift through that suit your needs!

combining filters

And the shopping fun doesn’t stop there! One feature on our website that some might not know about is our search bar! The search bar is the best tool to find a collection that you are thinking of as quick as possible. You can find the search bar in two different places on our website. The first place you’ll find it is on the top black navigation bar, on the far right, shown here:

how to shop the website, navigation bar

You can see the white bar say “Search” in gray text, and features a small magnifying glass. You can find this bar in the same place on every page of the website, no matter where you are. If I remember seeing a collection that I really liked, but can’t remember what it’s name was exactly, this tool is perfect.



For example, I remember seeing a design that was full of brightly colored flowers, and had flowers in the name. To use the search bar, just type in the word that comes to mind when you are hunting specific designs. Before you hit enter, take a look at the list that drops down after you’ve typed your keyword. You might find the collection you’re hunting for right there! (In case you were wondering, the collection I was looking out for was Tropical Flowers!)

main search bar

If you don’t see your collection, you can hit enter on your keyboard, and you’ll be taken to the shop page that shows every collection that has your keyword in the title. From there, you can use those wonderful filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

search bar results

Seeing the screens above, can you guess where the other search bar is located? Yep, it’s right there with the Shop page filters! This search bar works very similarly to the one at the top of the page, it just won’t have a drop down list of options.

See, wasn’t learning how to shop the website as easy as can be? Now that you know the in’s and out’s of shopping on our website, you’ll be a seasoned pro at finding any of our collections at the drop of a hat! 

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