How to Line Unlined, In-the-Hoop, Zippered Bags

How to Line Unlined, In-the-Hoop, Zippered Bags

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Hi Everyone! Who’s ready to learn how to line unlined, in-the-hoop, zippered bags? Before we start, let me introduce myself.

My name is Annie Doar. I work at Anita Goodesign as part of the Creative Team. In the office, I can be found stitching out designs, snapping step by step pictures, and writing some of the tutorials and content found in our monthly All Access issues! I can’t wait to show you guys more ways to create and have fun with machine embroidery! Today, learning how to line, unlined, in-the-hoop, zippered bags is the topic of discussion.



I’m going to show you guys a cool hack you can do with our unlined zippered bag designs! Some of our zippered bag collections feature steps to add a lining, but some are digitized without a lining so you can create a zippered bag quick and easy, all in the hoop.

Have you ever made a zippered bag in the hoop, then realized after you’ve finished, that you can see the stabilizer and stitching inside? For some, this isn’t a big deal, because it’s the inside of the bag after all. But for the perfectionists out there, I have a way for you guys to line your zippered bags using only a few extra steps as you stitch your project!

For the bag that I’m making, I used one of the designs from Blackboard Bags Project Collection, which can be found at If you are using the same design, or even one that is slightly different, you can follow the step by step pictures included in the tutorial of your design, then use the pictures that I’ve taken for this blogpost as a supplement to add in a lining as you go.

Before you start, look through the steps of your project to plan out how you’ll be placing your fabric. The lining for your bag will be placed at the same time as each of your base fabrics. Be sure to read through this tutorial and the pictures beforehand as well, that way you can translate them to work with your specific bag.



In planning on adding a lining to this in-the-hoop zippered bag, I realized that there is embroidery on the zipper side of the bag. I planned on adding the lining to the bag in the same step as I added the base fabric that will be embroidered on. But, I realized that if I tacked the lining down at the same as the base fabric, then bobbin stitches would show on the inside of the bag, thus defeating the purpose of the lining.

I problem solved this by tacking the lining down after the decorative embroidery is stitched. Tape will be your best friend in this project to prevent any lining fabric floating under the hoop from getting bunched up and caught in the stitches. Check out these pictures that illustrate how I did it:

Step 1 of Lining Unlined In-the-Hoop Zippered Bags

First, follow the numbered steps and tutorial of your bag up until you get to the placement of your base fabric. You’ll place the base fabric just as you would with the regular bag, but before you stick it back in your machine, flip the hoop over to the backside.


in the hoop, lined zippered bag

Step 2

Place the fabric you’d like to use as your lining on the back of the hoop in the exact same manner as you did the front, as shown here.

embroidery hoop, lined zippered bag

Step 3

Then, after you run the folding stitch for the fabric, you’ll fold the base fabric as you normally would, but leave the the lining fabric unfolded and run the next tacking stitch.

I left the lining unfolded because I didn’t want to tack it into place just yet. If I tacked it into place at the same time as the base fabric, the second to last step with stitch decorative embroidery through it, which means I’d be able to see bobbin stitches inside the bag.

Step 4

AFTER the base fabric is tacked into place, you then fold the lining fabric over so it will be out of the way when the top section of the bag is stitched.

base fabric, lining fabric

Step 5

For the top section, you’ll place the lining on the back of the hoop at the same time as you place the top section base fabric.

Step 6

Then, run the folding stitch as you normally would, and fold BOTH fabrics over the stick.

Step 7

After the base fabric and lining of the top section of the bag are folded, you can run the tacking stitch to tack them into place. At this point, the decorative embroidery is the next step for this bag, but remember, we folded the lining over so it was out of the way of the top section.

base fabric, tacking stitch, decorative embroidery

Step 8

Fold the lining fabric back up and tape in place, then stitch the decorative embroidery.

Step 9

After the embroidery stitches, now it’s time to work some magic. Fold the lining fabric back over the bobbin stitches and tape in place.

lining fabric, bobbin stitches

Step 10

Now, there should only be one more step left for the in-the-hoop zippered bag, but we’re not quite ready to finish yet since we need to tack the lining into place. Use the +/- button on your machine to go backwards a few steps to the tacking stitch step for the first piece of base fabric. Run that step to tack the lining fabric into place finally.

tacking stitch, base fabric, lining fabric

Step 10: Part 2

At this point we are almost done! We just need to add the back and final lining fabrics to finish the bag. Before hitting go, use the +/- button once again to advance to the last step of the bag. Then, place your back fabric right side down as you normally would for a zippered bag, but place another piece of your lining fabric directly on top of the back fabric, as you can see here.

lining fabric, in the hoop zippered bag

Step 10: Part 3

Run the final tacking stitch of your bag to secure both pieces of fabric in place at the same time and your lined in-the-hoop zippered bag is complete! Just trim the excess fabric and flip it right side out to see your handiwork!

That’s all you need to do to line your in-the-hoop zippered bags! Try it out with a zippered bag collection that you might already have, or take a look on our website to find zippered bags that you’d love to make! Keep in mind, that some bags such as the Anita’s Express Witty Word Bags or Shrinky Bags are finished using a sewing a machine instead of in-the-hoop, so the lining steps are already included in that project!

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