How to Organize Your Embroidery Files Collection

How to Organize Your Embroidery Files Collection

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s blog feature. My name is Drea Goodine and I am the manager of the Creative Team at Anita Goodesign. I love to travel and host Anita’s University events, as well as create fun projects both at work and at home.

Today’s blog is all about keeping your embroidery files organized. Continue reading to learn how to best organize your embroidery files collection!

embroidery files

Does your file collection look like this? Duplicates of things? Struggling to locate what you want to stitch? Well you are not alone – we’re here to help!

One of the top questions we receive from customer is how we suggest keeping embroidery files organized. Whether you have transferred design files from a disc or downloaded the collection, our files are super easy to access and use. Sometimes sorting through them on your computer is the real challenge; especially if you’re like me and save them in different places depending on your mood at the moment.



Here at Anita Goodesign we have quite a large amount of files, since we keep a copy of every collection created. The easiest way we have found to keep track of those files is by creating a folder system on the computer.

Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, but hopefully one of these strategies will inspire you to organize your collection and discover some new-again treasures.

NOTE: Even though it may seem easy at the time, we do not suggest renaming files that you have downloaded- this can become confusing later. Our tutorials and machine steps are labeled with the file name we created and if you rename a file you may have a hard time finding the corresponding machine steps we have written to help create your design. Instead, try utilizing a folder system in one of the methods explained below.

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Embroidery Files by Theme

Organizing by theme is a great way to keep things on topic – maybe you have some baby designs in your collection and want to easily find them on your computer or storage device. Try creating a folder and labeling it “Baby Designs,” then you store each collection within the master folder. If you already have the collections on your computer, just make a new folder with your desired label, and drag the previously saved collections into the new folder.

embroidery collection type, files

Collection Type

Perhaps you prefer to keep things organized by collection type – this allows for all the Mix & Match collections, Anita’s Express, et cetera, to be in one place. For this method, simply create a folder for each product type (Premium Plus, Premium, Special Edition, Full, Mini/Project, Anita’s Express, Online Design and so on!) then save collection files into their respective folders.

technique folders


A third way to sort your embroidery files is to create folders for techniques in your collection. Consider making folders such as: Quilting, Cutwork, Embroidery-Only, Appliqué, and the like to make browsing easier.

You can always mix and match between these options above – maybe once you have a folder for Baby collections, within that you can further sort to have “Quilting” and “Embroidery Only” – this produces an even more detailed system for those who like to be super organized.



Whatever method you choose, don’t forget that you only have to save the files with machine formats that you will use. At Anita Goodesign, every collection includes all file formats. For those of us who have more than one machine brand, that makes life simpler; but if you know you only have certain brands, there is no need to keep all the extras and clutter your computer. If you get a new machine in the future that uses a different format, you can always download that content from your library on our website. And as always, if you need any help, just reach out to us – we’re only a click or a call away!

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