Letters and Words Embroidery Designs

Do you want to monogram your child’s lunchbox? Or maybe add a punchy pun to your new apron? If so, letters and words embroidery designs might be your new obsession. 

At Anita Goodesign, our Creative Team produces sayings embroidery designs that speak to your creativity. Phrases embroidery patterns range from simple words like “Joy” to catchy one-liners like “I’m stuck on you.” Our inventory also includes single letters in sans-serif and calligraphy-style fonts so that you can say exactly what’s on your mind.  

Letter Embroidery Patterns

Did your best friend just tie the knot? Is your brother moving into his very own apartment? These are wonderful opportunities to create monogrammed pillows, towels, and even cocktail napkins using letter embroidery patterns from Anita Goodesign. 

Floral Monogram

Puffy Banner Flag

Doodle Monograms

Alphabet Garden Quilt

Crazy Puffed Monograms

Phrases Embroidery Patterns

Phrases embroidery patterns make wishing your friend a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas even more fun. At Anita Goodesign, our Creative Team has thoughtfully crafted hundreds of sayings, from “Welcome Home” to “Rise & Grind.” Add these patterns to quilts, coffee sleeves, and more.

Printed Fabric Stationery

Word Ribbons

Embroidered Mouse Pads

Big Bloom Typography

Modular Passport Wallets

Popular Machine Embroidery Techniques for Letters and Words


Zippers bags are cute, multifunctional pouches that double as wallets and purses. Your embroidery machine can turn phrases embroidery patterns into zipper bags in a cinch.  

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Newsflash: Your embroidery machine isn’t just for making charming tote bags and pillow slips. Using the quilting method, you can create letters and words quilt designs too.   

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Folded Fabric 

The folded fabric method is an easier and quicker alternative to hand-sewing patchwork. Using this technique means you can finish sayings quilt designs in a flash.

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Letters and Words Machine Embroidery: How to Get Started

Do you want to add a cute saying to a blanket but aren’t sure where to start? Fortunately, we’ve included a comprehensive guide to phrases embroidery designs below.  

How To Place an Order

After pinpointing a sayings machine embroidery design, follow these simple steps to place an embroidery order

Downloading Designs to a Computer 

Downloading your phrases quilt designs to your computer is quick and easy. We have compiled detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac

Transfer Design From Computer to Machine 

After transferring your phrases embroidery patterns to a zip drive, simply insert the USB into your embroidery machine. Reference our instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac.  

Tips for Organizing Files 

Are you having trouble finding your letters and words machine embroidery designs? To help, we have created a guide to organizing your embroidery files.

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