Patch It Up! The Art of Machine Embroidery Patches

Patch it Up! The Art of Machine Embroidery Patches

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s blog feature! It’s Annie again with another blog post. This time, it’s all about machine embroidery patches! We love a a cute patch to accent and decorate anything with a bit of modern edge, from bags and jackets, to jeans and shoes!

Sometimes, we want to embroider a cute design onto our jackets, shirts, or bags, but maneuvering and hooping those projects might seem too daunting. When you want to quickly and easily add a little decoration to liven up a big bag or maybe even a beanie hat, machine embroidery patches are the best option.


Instead of removing various seams in your project so you can flatten in out in the hoop, all you have to do is stitch the patch design of your choice onto a non-fraying fabric such as felt, then attach it to your project. There are various ways to do this, so we’ll be going over each way in this post!

Before we get into attaching a patch, we first need to go over how to make a patch. Here at Anita Goodesign, we are crazy about patches. So much so that we have several collections dedicated to just that! If you take a look at the “Patch” Technique filter on the shop page of our website, you’ll be able to see all the collections we have for you to choose from.



One of our favorites is Fashion Explosion 2. It has so many designs and themes to choose from that you’re sure to find a patch for everyone you know! Some of our patch designs are meant to be stitched onto felt and tear away stabilizer, like the designs from Fashion Explosion 2. Others, such as Sew Many Patches, were specially digitized to be stitched on to only tear away stabilizer. Follow the step by step instructions included with the design pack to see exactly how to stitch your patch.


Once you have your patch (or patches) stitched, now we can get to attaching them! There are various ways to attach your patch, depending on where you want to attach, and how you want to attach it. If you are attaching your patch to the chest or back area of a jacket, it might be easiest to sew it in place using a sewing machine.To do this, simply pin the patch in place onto the garment or bag. Then, in your sewing machine, sew along the outer edge of the patch onto the felt base fabric using matching or clear thread (see below).

sewing machine, machine embroidery patches

Machine sewing is a great option to attach your patch quickly and be sure that the patch will stay in place for however long you want. One other great thing is that you can remove the patch at any point without damage to the patch or your garment by just snipping the bobbin stitches that are visible from the inside of the garment.



If you want to attach your patch to the pocket or sleeve of a jacket, a sewing machine might be a bit more complicated than you’d like. No worries, you have other options! You can also hand sew your patch on using either a simple running stitch, or you can attach it with a decorative blanket stitch as well. Just pin your patch in place, then start hand sewing around the edge of the patch using a needle and matching thread (see below).

machine embroidery patches

Not too keen on hand sewing? That’s where iron on adhesive can come into play! Fusible adhesive such as HeatnBond is a great option to attach a patch or appliqué to a garment without the need of sewing it in place. The UltraHold variation of HeatnBond is what we recommend to attach your patches. Keep in mind that the UltraHold is not meant to be sewn through once set. To use the fusible adhesive on your patch, first cut a piece of the HeatnBond to be slightly larger than the patch, then lay it on the back side of the patch, paper side up (see below).


Next, using a hot iron, press the HeatnBond onto your patch. No steam is necessary to  adhere it (see below).


Lastly, lay the patch on your garment or bag, face up, and press in place (see below). It might be help to iron the patch from the front and backside of the garment.


Once you have your patch attached, you’re good to go! You can add your patches to anything you desire!

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