Americana Premium Plus


Premium Plus Collection

Americana Premium Plus

Premium Plus Collection


Hoop sizes 8” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”

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What comes to mind when you hear the word Americana? Perhaps it’s an object, like a vintage belt buckle, or maybe it’s an idealized scene of a cowboy gazing across a vast expanse of land. Defined by a sense of American patriotism and nostalgia, our Americana collection captures the essence of pride in America’s heritage with embroidery and thread. Featuring hundreds of quilt blocks and unique patterns, these designs reminisce about the uncharted American West and the pioneering spirit that lead to our country’s expansion.

Inspired by a Stephen Wilson Studio art series, the beauty of this collection is the ability to form your own keepsakes that capture the American spirit. The quilt blocks included in Americana range in size from a minute 2” x 2” block up to a commanding 8” x 12” and sizes in between, so you will learn how to easily make intricate quilts with our combination square method. With a little advance planning and the guides included, the Americana designs allow you to create your own patriotic projects that will stand the test of time and proudly show the trailblazing spirit of our country. Anita Goodesign founder and lead digitizer, Stephen Wilson, is also a fine artist who shows his work in galleries across the country. He was slated for a spring show at the New Gallery of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he began brainstorming ideas. Many forces came together, from his involvement with Opera Carolina to his urge to create a large public art installation, and serendipitously lead Stephen to create the Americana series.

Stephen’s twenty-plus years of involvement in American craft using both traditional and untraditional means paved the way for this series. He has digitized dozens of different collections for Anita Goodesign based on the American West and Southwest. His take on Americana conjured images of cowboys, quilts, and desert landscapes. Through his art, he captured this great American spirit using modern technology. Each piece of his art merges classic techniques, including embroidery and quilting, with technology. One piece may combine hand-stitched details with a 3D printed sculpture. The combination of all these elements with classic American iconography formed the foundation of the Americana series.

His installation opened in conjunction with the spring production of Puccini’s opera, The Girl of the West. Pictured above is his installation and accompanying pieces on exhibit before and during the opera. The Americana piece was shown not only at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, but in the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City as well.
Each and every design in Americana stems from original artwork that was painted, sketched, and digitally drawn by our very own artists! These are some of the images that our digitizers receive and bring to life through the amazing art of embroidery! By hand placing each and every stitch, path, and segment, our digitizers have complete control over the beauty and metrics of each design, so that stitching them out would be a piece of cake!

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