Anita’s Express – Floral Cutwork Tea Towels


Anita's Express

Anita’s Express – Floral Cutwork Tea Towels

Anita's Express


Hoop sizes 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”


For this collection, we wanted to show a beautiful, vintage style! The Floral Cutwork Tea Towels were created with tonal threads and fabrics to give the design an elegant look! Not only does this collection include the designs but we also show you how to create a tea towel from scratch!

To keep with the elegant appeal, we searched through all of our favorite Lace Appliqués to find the best for these designs. We believe using all di!erent tones of white fabrics really accented what this collection can do! Finishing with beautiful satin stitches to create the floral accents really completes the style.

Cutwork is a technique that looks harder than it is. Here at Anita Goodesign, we like to make projects beautiful and fun, not frustrating. To start each of these designs, the first step will be marking stitches to show where to cut the fabric away. The rest is either appliqué or embroidery to give the cutwork design interest! To finish this project the right way, we also teach you how to create a Tea Towel with a beautiful decorated hem stitch at the bottom. These are simple to create and really help spice up the designs. You’ll want to make these for all of your friends or be selfish and keep them for yourself!

Released Date: April 2016

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