Anita’s Express – Floral Zipper Bags


Anita's Express

Anita’s Express – Floral Zipper Bags

Anita's Express


Hoop sizes 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”


Who doesn’t love an embroidered bag? For this project we present to you the ultimate embroidered bag including all of the elements we love the most! Complete this bag with a zipper that is attached in the hoop, very little hand sewing and finished with a beautiful floral design You’ll go crazy over these bags and will want all of your friends to have one as well.

The best part about stitching out an Anita Goodesign bag is the convenience of attaching the zipper in the hoop! It will be the second step of each design and you create the bag around it. You’ll love how easy this is and it will be perfect for keeping everything inside safely!

One of the newest styles we have added to Anita Goodesign is a fully lined bag. These floral zipper bags teach you the technique of adding a lining fabric to the inside. No need to have the stabilizer lining your bag when you can pick any beautiful fabric to show off your colorful side! Each bag design includes beautiful floral embroidery details! From bean stitched flowers to satin stitch and shading details, you’ll receive so many options to chose from. For some of ours, we used tonal and untraditional flower threads to give the designs unique look which really stands out.

Release Date: March 2016

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