Anita’s Express – Learn to Quilt in the Hoop


Anita's Express

Anita’s Express – Learn to Quilt in the Hoop

Anita's Express


Hoop sizes 4” x 4” to 7” x 12”


The traditional way of creating embroidered quilts wasted too much fabric! Plus, having to line everything up just perfect in the hoop was a task itself! With the Anita Goodesign way, you can create beautiful embroidered quilts in just a few easy steps and no need to waste fabric! For in the hoop quilting, we include a step for adding batting to each block. You will not have to add the batting when finishing your quilt because all of your blocks will already have it included. We also trim the batting close so it will not interfere with sewing your blocks together!

With traditional embroidered quilts, you had to hoop a large piece of fabric. With in the hoop quilting there is no more wasting fabric! All of our quilt blocks start with a guide stitch right on the stabilizer that will show you how large your piece of fabric needs to be! The blocks included in this Learn to - Quilt in the Hoop collection are all perfectly sized. This means, there is no need to measure your blocks because they will all fit together in any order.

Release Date: May 2016

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