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Religious embroidery

Religious Embroidery Patterns & Designs

Do you want to add some angels to the tea towels in your kitchen? Or maybe a biblical touch to your child’s nursery? Religious embroidery designs might fit the bill. 

At Anita Goodesign, we understand the significance of religion in someone’s life. That is why our creative team has designed a high-quality inventory of spiritual embroidery designs. These patterns allow crafters to create home goods and gifts for friends, kids and other family members that honor their faith.

For more information on our religious and spiritual embroidery designs, contact Anita Goodesign online or call us at 704-708-9277. We’ll help you find the pattern that best suits you!

Seasonal Christian Embroidery Designs

Skip the department store and give your friends and family more meaningful gifts this year. With our seasonal Christian embroidery designs, you can craft a needlepoint nativity or a country church tile scene for your loved ones in a flash.   

View All Our Seasonal Christian Embroidery Designs

Advent Calendar

Easter Gift Bags

Easter Glory

Vintage Easter

Vault Bundle: Holiday #4

Children’s Religious Embroidery Designs

Are your kids struggling to understand the Battle of Jericho or God’s creation of Adam and Eve? If so, consider Anita Goodesign’s collection of children’s religious embroidery designs. From charming tapestries to interactive dollhouses, we make reading the Bible fun and easy for children. 

View All Children’s Religious Embroidery Designs 

Bible Stories

Away in a Manger

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Interactive Scene

Bible Bookmarks

Sale Religious Embroidery Designs

Does your collection of religious embroidery patterns need a refresh? If so, our bargain-priced bundles of mix-and-match quilting patterns, angel-themed embellishments, and other Christian embroidery designs won’t last for very long!  

View All Sale Religious Embroidery Designs

Sunday School

Nativity 2012

Elegant Angels

Santa for All Seasons

Popular Religious Machine Embroidery Techniques


Did you know that your embroidery machine does more than embellish pillowcases and tea towels? Using the quilting method, you can create a spiritual quilt design too.

Standard Appliqué

The standard appliqué technique uses fabric instead of stitches to fill in religious embroidery patterns. This adds texture and liveliness to your Christmas tree topper and Easter gift bags.   

Tile Scene

With the tile scene method, embroiderers can break large and complicated spiritual embroidery designs into manageable chunks. However, tile scene patterns do require a certain level of skill, otherwise, the fabric will pucker.

Religious Machine Embroidery: How to Get Started

Getting started is easier than you think. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on purchasing and downloading our religious embroidery designs. 

Place Your Design Order

After selecting a spiritual quilt design, follow these simple steps to place an embroidery order

Download Designs to a Computer 

Downloading your religious embroidery designs is a cinch. We have compiled detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac.

Transfer Design From Computer to Machine

After moving your Christian machine embroidery designs to a zip drive, simply insert the USB into your embroidery machine.

Tips for Organizing Files 

Are you struggling to keep your religious embroidery designs organized? To help, we have created a guide to organizing your embroidery files.

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