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Collection Callouts

Stephen’s favorite Halloween collection! – DIY Halloween

If you love Halloween, you will love our  Halloween Town Special Edition!

I loved creating this spooky Halloween village. Each of the 25 blocks was designed to connect to a continuous landscape. It was a challenge at first, designing the hills and sky to all cones to form an interesting background. Once that was complete, I populated the village with interesting characters. Your children or grandchildren will love all of the spooky characters.

Getting Started

A step-by-step guide will help you choose your fabrics and thread colors so your design will turn out perfectly. As far as quilts or tile scenes go, this isn’t a difficult one to create since there are only two fabrics that continue through the design.

Creating your blocks

As with all of the Anita Goodesign tutorials, Halloween Town includes detailed step-by-step instructions on creating each block.

Detailed information is included on each block

Each design block is shown in full color with details on each step and color used.

You can complete the quilt with sashing.

There are numerous sashing/border blocks included that will allow you to finish your projects in different ways.

About Stephen Wilson

I am the Founder of Anita Goodesign Inc. as well as Stephen Wilson Studio. I have been in the embroidery industry in one form or another for over 25 years and at this point have embroidered on just about everything.

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