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A Look Into the Signature Series 4 Hard Cover Book

An Exclusive First Look

The Fantasy Tree is the fourth and newest installment of Stephen Wilson’s Signature Series. Each issue features a different theme of luxury embroidery, showing you exactly how to bring high-end artistic techniques to your own craft. A gorgeous hardcover book accompanies each issue’s design files and for the first time, we’re offering you an exclusive look into this stunning publication by Stephen Wilson.


Fabric Calculations

This hardcover book isn’t just filled with gorgeous illustrations, it’s also packed with useful information guides. Our Fabric Calculations section helps you determine exactly how much material you need to start your Fantasy Tree, that way you can skip the stress at the fabric store.

Calculations are determined based on the desired number of panels and size. The easy-to-read chart shows measurements for a 7, 5, or 3 panel tapestry in all sizes.

Fabric and Thread Recommendations

Any embroiderer knows that choosing the right fabric and thread colors is an imperative step in the stitching process. With a project of this magnitude, it’s important to know exactly what materials you need from the start to avoid wasting valuable resources.

That’s why we’ve included a color guide in this book. Whether you choose silk or cotton fabric, we’ll walk you through the perfect corresponding thread options. Are you looking of for an elegant design with high contrast? Try dark dupioni silk paired with metallic gold thread. Each suggestion is paired with an example image, so you can envision your finished tapestry before starting.

Step by Step

For such an impressive project, many are surprised to find that the Fantasy Tree isn’t too difficult to create. The step-by-step instructions included in this book clearly explain how to stitch the blocks together, finish with backing and binding, and how to mount the finished work for display.

Readers can find clear-cut design steps for each quilt block, flower, and bird at the end of the book. Here, every element of the project is listed with its corresponding size, color, and amount of steps.

A Letter From the Artist

Stephen Wilson, the founder of Anita Goodesign and Stephen Wilson Studios, uses the same techniques shown in his Signature Series to create his very own artwork. Learn the inspiration behind this newest release in the “A Letter From the Artist” section of the book!

Signature Series IV is available NOW for download! Each product comes with digital design files and the hardcover book shown above.

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