Using Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer

Using Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer

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Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey Griffin. I work at Anita Goodesign as a traveling Educator, as well as part of the Creative Team. I hope you enjoy reading about how we like to use this type of stabilizer with our designs.

What is Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer?

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Self Adhesive Tear Away stabilizer is a stabilizer that is one part Tear Away and one part sticker paper. It can be found in your local quilt shop, or online. There are different brands that produce their own version. Each brand has its own unique product name to go with it. For example, Sulky calls theirs Sulky Sticky, Floriani calls theirs Perfect Stick Tear Away, and Exquisite calls theirs Peel n Stick.


When to Use Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer

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We use this kind of stabilizer whenever we are working with clothing or hard-to-hoop items, like bags and shirts. Having the adhesive feature helps stick the material flat on top of the hoop. For example, if you wanted to embroider a design onto a t-shirt, you don’t need to deconstruct the shirt. Simply stick the area you wish to embroider onto the adhesive stabilizer while keeping the excess material away from the embroidery area while running the design. Additionally, you can also use this type stabilizer when embroidering on delicate materials like silk. This way, you avoid ruining your material via hoop burn.

Step by Step How to Use Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer

Step 1: Hoop the Stabilizer


To begin, hoop one piece of any Self Adhesive Tear Away stabilizer with its paper side facing upwards. Just like a sticker, peel away the paper layer to reveal the adhesive layer. To start pulling the paper layer, you may find it easier to score the top layer with a seam ripper or other sharp object. Be careful not to pierce through the adhesive layer.

Step 2: Stick Material to Stabilizer


Here we show how to embroider a shirt using Sulky’s Sulky Stick +. Stick the area you wish to embroider onto the adhesive stabilizer while keeping the excess material away from the embroidery area while running the design. See the Tips & Tricks section below for some helpful hints on how to keep the excess material safely aside during the embroidery process.


Step 3: Stitch Design

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Once your excess materials alongside the hoop are secured, you are ready to stitch out your design onto the shirt, or other item. When you are finished stitching out the design, remove it from the hoop and gently tear away the excess stabilizer from the back of the design.

Tips and Tricks

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Depending on what item you are sticking to the stabilizer, you may need a little extra help keeping the embroidery area free of excess materials that may get in the way during the embroidery process. If there is a bulk of excess fabric sitting around the hoop, you may want to consider rolling it up along the side of the hoop and securing it in place with tape. Feel free to also use pins or temporary adhesive spray to further secure the material inside the design area. If you are running a stitch intensive design, you may want to add an extra layer of any normal Tear Away stabilizer hooped under the self adhesive stabilizer for added support.

Ta-da! Now you know how to use self adhesive tear away stabilizer. We hope this blog post answered all of your questions and inspired you to try it out for yourself. Happy stitching!


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