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Website Update

It has been almost 20 years that the team at Anita Goodesign and I have been designing beautiful embroideries for you. After spending some time on the website over the last few weeks, I decided it was time for a good cleaning and re-organizing, just like your home or office. So we decided to create four main shopping areas that you will see at the top of the landing page.

Step 1

Here are the new sections we have located towards the top of our website.

  1. Design Collections – This is the area where all of our grouped designs reside.
  2. Sewing Singles – This is where you can purchase individual designs.
  3. Clubs – This is where you would click to join our Digital All Access Club!
  4. All Access Club Back Issues – This is where all of the back issues of our club reside.
  5. Education – This is where you can purchase our Anita’s University classes as well as other educational products.


Please see the below images. 

Step 2

That was the first step, the second step was to update and create new categories so you can easily find the perfect design. Look below to see what you can find in each category:

  1. Accessories  – In the Hoop Projects, Bags, Holders, and More
  2. Americana/Patriotic – Everything National, Regional and Patriotic are here!
  3. Animals –  Every animal that we have created except birds and butterflies, we felt they deserve its own category.
  4. Art – All of the art-based collections as well as the Signature Series designs are in this category.
  5. Baby – All of the baby and toddler designs are in this category.
  6. Best Sellers – This is our curated list of our top sellers.
  7. Birds – Everything with birds decorative to realistic is found here.
  8. Butterflies – Here at Anita Goodesign we LOVE butterflies and all these collections are located here.
  9. Children – All of the designs for and about children are in this category.
  10. Christmas – Our largest category, everything you would need for Christmas.
  11. Fall – Everything from pumpkins to leaves and pastoral scenes live in this category.
  12. Fantasy – All dragons, gnomes, fairies, and more dwell in this category.
  13. Fashion and Wearables – This category is designed to be embroidered on wearable items such as clothes.
  14. Floral – This is a very large collection with every type of flower design.
  15. Food – Anything about food or meant to hold food will be in this category.
  16. Halloween – This category is full of spooky designs with plenty of skeletons, ghosts, and witches.
  17. Heirloom/Vintage/Traditional – This is a broad category with everything from Cutwork to traditional quilting designs.
  18. Holiday – All of the holidays with the exception of Christmas and Halloween have their own category.
  19. Home – Everything for the home, about the home, and designed to decorate the home lives here!
  20. International – Themes from around the world designs live in this category.
  21. Lace – Our classic free-standing lace deserves a category on its own.
  22. Outdoors – Within this category lives everything outdoors-related! This included woodland, nature scenes, and outdoor delights.
  23. Quilting – These designs have all of the quilting themes like Quilting123 and Jelly Roll Quilts. There are quilting designs in almost every theme but these are more traditional designs.
  24. Religious  – Anything religious spanning from Christianity to Kwanzaa.
  25. Seasonal – This category has all of the seasonal collections that span multiple categories.
  26. Sewing/Crafts – This category contains any sewing/craft-themed design!
  27. Sports – All of our sports and leisure activity designs live in this sub-category.
  28. Spring – Every collection that is Spring related! Think flowers, gardening, butterflies, etc.
  29. Summer – Every collection that lives under the Summer sun! When you are looking for a design that is tropical, beach, ocean, or nautical, you’ll find it here.
  30. Typography/Monograms/Saying – This is an easy one, anything with words, monograms, or quotes will live here.
  31. Western – You will find in this category everything Western, Southwestern, cowboy, and rodeo themed!
  32. Winter – Every collection that is Winter related! This included anywhere from snowmen to snowflakes and everything else winter-themed.


* There are some design collections that will go into multiple categories to make them easier to find.

Step 3

Once you select your category you will find a lower menu of buttons that you can select to refine your search.

  1. Embroidery
  2. Quilting
  3. Projects
  4. 123 Collections
  5. Best Sellers

To learn more about our website and explore it best, watch the video here.

If you are having issues locating designs, please reach out to customer service.


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