Winter Embroidery Designs

It is beginning to feel a lot like winter. The weather forecast promises snow, carols are playing on the radio, and families are trimming their homes with jolly decorations. Life is slower and cozier.  

At Anita Goodesign, we understand how special the holiday season is. To help you celebrate these colder months, our Creative Team hand-designs a variety of winter embroidery designs with quality and creativity in mind. We have everything you need to spread the holiday cheer, from snowflake embroidery designs to snowman embroidery designs.

Winter Quilt Designs

Nothing says winter quite like a warm and comforting quilt. That is why Anita Goodesign offers an array of snow quilt designs. Our motifs range from winter whimsy to chilly contemporary. No matter your home’s aesthetic, you will find a winter quilt design to match.  

Hodgepodge Christmas

Quilt for All Seasons – Winter

Christmas Layers

Woodland Holiday Quilt

Snowman Embroidery Designs

It is hard to know if Frosty the Snowman actually came to life. But what we do know is that snowman embroidery designs can breathe life into your winter projects. Consider adding an amusing snowman to a pillow or an apron. These creations make wonderful gifts.

Vintage Truck Signs

Rustic Snowmen

BFF Tile Scene Front Cover

BFF Tile Scene

Winter Wonderland

Popular Winter Machine Embroidery Techniques

Folded Fabric 

This method makes completing winter quilt designs a breeze. Compared to pure hand-sewing techniques traditionally used in patchwork, the folded fabric approach is quicker and easier.

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Applique is a classic embroidery technique. Instead of stitches, applique uses fabric to fill in part of your winter embroidery design. This adds texture and visual interest. It is also often faster than more traditional techniques.

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Free Motion 

As its name suggests, free motion is a machine embroidery technique that allows you to move the fabric around freely. This lets you “draw” with the thread, giving your snowman embroidery designs a folkish feel.

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Tile Scene 

The tile scene method allows embroiders to break large and intricate winter embroidery patterns into smaller, more manageable blocks. Tile scene designs require close attention to detail, otherwise, the fabric is liable to pucker.

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Winter Machine Embroidery: How to Get Started

Do you want to deck the halls with winter embroidery designs but aren’t sure where to start? Read our step-by-step winter machine embroidery guide below.  

How To Place an Order

Once you have discovered the perfect winter embroidery pattern, you will need to follow a few easy steps to place an embroidery order

Downloading Designs to a Computer 

Downloading your snow machine embroidery designs to your computer is a cinch. We have compiled detailed instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac

Transfer Design From Computer to Machine 

After transferring your snowflake embroidery designs to a zip drive, simply insert the USB into your embroidery machine. Check out our instructions for downloading designs to a PC and downloading designs to a Mac.  

Tips for Organizing Files 

When your winter embroidery designs are unorganized, it can be challenging to find the right snowflake or snowman pattern on your computer. To help, we have created a guide to organizing your embroidery files.