Anita’s Express – Learn to Appliqué


Anita's Express

Anita’s Express – Learn to Appliqué

Anita's Express


Hoop sizes 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”


The use of appliqué in embroidery designs is a traditional technique widely used in all projects and quilts. A simplistic definition of appliqué is the use of fabric instead of thread in a design. There are usually three main reasons why we use appliqués. The first one is that appliqués save time by minimizing the amount of stitches. The second reason is that, using unique fabric choices, appliqués can add distinct design elements. The third reason is for design coverage. Cotton appliqué is one of the most common fabrics used with the appliqué technique, but you will also be learning 3 others ways to use appliqué.

Learn how mylar adds wonderful sparkle to embroidery designs. Mylar is used as an appliqué in specially-created designs, and the result is a beautiful shimmer and shine. Wait until you see the designs specifically made to use organza! The use of organza in an appliqué gives your embroidery designs a unique look. Creating dimension and a 3D effect will be a breeze with our puffy appliqué designs. They are digitized in a unique way with spot tack stitches, in addition to the regular tack down stitch. This will ensure that the fabric and batting lay flat and do not pinch.

Release Date: May 2016

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